Wasdale Pike View  

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Uploaded: 07/05/11 5:24 PM GMT
Wasdale Pike View
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After a very steep 400m view this is the view you get from Wasdale Pike in the Lake District. The lake in the background is Windermere and if you look into the far background you can also see the sea! Comments welcome and appreciated


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07/05/11 7:18 PM GMT
Breathtaking view!Love the depths and the layers, the different shades of green and blue and the interesting rock formation in the foreground are beautifully composed!
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07/05/11 7:43 PM GMT
I love the lake district and its wild hills and still deep lakes. This image certainly captures the essence of the area. Nice use of the stones in the foreground. I might have been tempted to lower my viewpoint a little to get more sky, that is, to lower the horizon the the 1/3 level. This would have kept the sense of distance to the sea and created a more open feeling of space. There again, it might have not improved it at all, somethings you just have to try. I usually take several shots of the same scene with different compositions to see which one turns out best later.
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07/05/11 9:06 PM GMT
the quality is not good , too bad since it was a nice view:(
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07/05/11 11:24 PM GMT

the red pile of stone really make this picture stand out and such a wonderful lake and valley found the perfect spot to take this picture
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07/06/11 12:53 AM GMT
A lovely composition with the cairn in the foreground.
Lots to view in this beautiful landscape :)
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07/06/11 5:39 PM GMT
Beautifully composed. I especially like the sky and the rock pile.
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07/06/11 8:02 PM GMT
Whoa! I know I'm up high here and loving the view before me. You can see for miles from here. Splendid comp and thanks for posting it so we can all see this well captured and awesome scene.
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07/12/11 1:24 AM GMT
Such a breath-taking view. Love how the rocks on the side draws the eyes over to the river below.
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07/12/11 3:02 PM GMT
Great view:)
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07/14/11 4:41 AM GMT
Really nice photograph.
Thanks for sharing.
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07/17/11 3:09 PM GMT
This is so dramatic Rachael. The DOF is fantastic.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
07/30/11 9:24 AM GMT
Great contrast. Great view. Those rocks makes a really punchy picture stand out even more. Nice colour balance. Their is slight lack of clarity and sharpness. I would have like to have seen the rocks crystal clear and rich with textures. But I think it could be the camera limitation as I cannot see any real sweet spot across the image. Thanks for sharing. Good work :)
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