The Mill by the Falls - rework  

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Uploaded: 05/18/08 10:23 AM GMT
The Mill by the Falls - rework
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Thanks to me owd mate, Bob for letting me rework his totally cool ORIGINAL comp!! I hope he as well as ya'll like it!!

Crop 'n' chopped and Ortonized.

Any and all comments and critiques welcome!!


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05/18/08 10:59 AM GMT
Looks like a place I can gan for me holidays!!...

Brilliant work mate!...You do this 'Ortonisation' bloody well!

Thankee kindly for the re-work!
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05/18/08 11:04 AM GMT
Ortonization at its finest. Very nice rework.

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05/18/08 1:05 PM GMT
Hard to Believe you could make Bobs Image better, but you did.
Small touch of Orton's really makes this Pic POP.
The Greenery and Water Really Stand Out.
Excellent Work and High Marks to You and Bob.
Faved !

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05/18/08 2:10 PM GMT
I apologize but I like the original shot better,It looked original not photoshoped to death. Just my opinion, Bobs shot was realy nice a clean.. I'll save the original
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05/18/08 3:00 PM GMT
Hey Randy, I really like this. I'm not usually too big on PS effects, but as much as I like Bob's original, I like this one even better. I know nothing about Ortonizing, but it looks damn good here. - jeff
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05/18/08 3:05 PM GMT
I enjoyed both, and i am faving both as well....Good Rework!
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05/18/08 4:09 PM GMT
Thats a belter! The water seems alive and the whole scene got a 3D feel. Top take on a top pic!

Ian :)
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05/18/08 4:31 PM GMT
This is awesome Randy! Truly looks like a work of art! Excellent on this one buddy!
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05/18/08 4:50 PM GMT
Good rework! like it a lot + faved.
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05/18/08 11:15 PM GMT
I am not usually fond of this kind of treatment but this is good and the perfect subject for it.
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05/19/08 6:45 AM GMT
wow, looks really good on this shot randy. a magical rework bud!
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05/19/08 7:31 AM GMT
It looks wonderful this way. Very nice work!
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05/19/08 10:07 AM GMT
Tons of thanks to all for checking this out and a BIG mucho thanks once again to me owd mate, Bob for letting me mess around with his cool original!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
05/19/08 2:18 PM GMT
You've added a mystical quality to the original. Very nicely done.
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-DFX -
05/20/08 2:41 AM GMT
This is a beautiful photograph. You did a wonderful job with the colors. FAVED

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05/20/08 3:43 PM GMT
Beautiful! I can see the allure of the original in wanting to Ortonize this. It is a perfect candidate for such an effect.
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05/21/08 6:06 AM GMT
This is lovely Randy. Looks wonderful with the Ortonīs. Wonderful original too. Perfect work both of you.
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05/22/08 8:04 AM GMT
I would think Bob should be happy with this Randy...this is well done and thank Bob for great composition...gerry
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08/06/08 5:18 PM GMT
loven it!!!!!!!!!!!
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12/15/08 5:13 PM GMT
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08/18/09 10:44 AM GMT
OH MY LORD... wish i was there.
you should make a postcard and say wish u were here.
looks soo nice somewhere i wanna be and u have great talent
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11/17/10 7:15 PM GMT
Just starting to get into this HDR business, but this shot is a masterpiece! Love it!
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