fantasy painting  

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Uploaded: 11/16/06 9:03 PM GMT
fantasy painting
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Heres another one of my paintings for you all to look at. there is no story behind it,i just made it up as i went along! lol hope you like this one as much as u liked the other. Jan


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11/16/06 9:14 PM GMT
very nice painting. looks like a dream to me :o)
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11/16/06 10:04 PM GMT
Quite lovely!
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11/16/06 10:20 PM GMT
Very nice Jan. Dreamy and mystical. Well done
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I'm way behind so forgive me for not commening on your individual posts but know that I've looked at all of them since I left. I truly enjoy seeing all of your posts and am always happy to see you at My Gallery. Thanks, Anita
11/16/06 10:27 PM GMT
Yes..another beauty Jan, very dreamy..I like that:) well done !!

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11/16/06 10:59 PM GMT
This is a great piece of work have put a lot of work in this. It came up in voting booth and I gave it a 10...gerry..
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11/17/06 2:59 AM GMT
This is so very lovely..the idea and the execution of these elements..I especially like the matching proportions. Sometimes in presentments of this sort things don't really seem to match up well, or actually belong together, so although I see fantasy here, I also see structure which makes the fantasy hang together in a very pleasing manner. Sometimes I like utter chaos too..this is just fitting in with my mood at the moment..hope I see it in the voting booth tonight :)PJ
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"We consider the artist to be a special sort of person. It is more likely that each of us is a special sort of artist." Elsa Gidlow
11/17/06 3:54 AM GMT
Super job Jan, this is very mythical and so fairy tale. Good work.
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11/17/06 9:23 AM GMT
Love it Jan. You are very creative. Thanks for sharing.

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11/18/06 7:08 PM GMT
this is soo cool! i especially like the castle in the background
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light came into the darkness, but the darkness did not understand it
11/25/06 1:28 AM GMT
Very colorful and well put together. I love fantasy material.

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11/26/06 5:00 PM GMT
beautifully wonderful!

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11/26/06 9:01 PM GMT
Hi Jan, This is excellent,With such imagination, such wonderous stories unfold.Love it and top marks...Tony.
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11/27/06 12:26 AM GMT
You are so talented Jan, I wish I had even the tiniest, fairy dust particle sized bit of your artistic ability. Lovely capture of a beautiful painitng, well done on both accounts.
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12/08/06 7:10 PM GMT
I missed this - how wonderfully multi talented you are - fantasies are always better than reality! :-)
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12/18/06 1:49 PM GMT
Nice work! Is that texture on the paper or do you add it afterwards on the computer?
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02/03/07 8:28 PM GMT
wow, this is great, I love it... it does look like a dream.
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02/23/07 8:18 AM GMT
Very detailed and more colourful too.........quite fanciful!.good richness of detail/elements
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04/02/08 11:42 PM GMT
Lovely painting ...very magical:)
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05/17/08 1:18 AM GMT
You are quite talented to be sure!
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