spooky graveyard  

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Uploaded: 11/22/11 11:29 PM GMT
spooky graveyard
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i know its a bit late for halloween, but it was foggy a couple of days ago and i had to get up at stupid o clock to run the other half to work, so thought id do something constructive at the same time and wander round the boneyard at 7am!! hope everyone is ok, please excuse lack of comments over the last couple of weeks or so, been mental busy at work , coming to the end of it now, thank goodness so hopefully will be back to commenting again pretty soon! xx


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11/22/11 11:56 PM GMT
Hello Jan, this is such a moody image, and very well done, I'm not sure If I would want to walk in a graveyard in the fog, so early in the morning. :) Tigs♥ =^..^=

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11/23/11 1:21 AM GMT
Oh what fun! I never get the opportunity to wander around graveyards in the wee hours while it is all foggy out! Love this spooky shot Jan no matter what time of year it is :) B&W is perfect for it too :)))
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11/23/11 5:55 AM GMT
Grave yard!this will make everyone to remember that the
life is just for a short time!! nice presentation.
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11/23/11 7:57 AM GMT
I wouldn't go there in the full sun daylight????

You just gotta be half vampire and half stupid!!...(Well, 'you' said that up there^^)lol

Brillaint capture of this dramatic atmosphere...Fog is terrible for me to drive in, and try to avoid it when I can
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11/23/11 9:52 AM GMT
Although a graveyard wouldn't be my favorite spot for a photo shoot, must say that you have loads of atmosphere in this moody capture, Jan.

Very well done.

Regards, Cornelius.
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11/23/11 2:05 PM GMT
Very very good photography Jan! I wouldn't walk here... spooooooky :-)! Mich
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11/23/11 2:16 PM GMT
Love it. You are so good at this. Spooky, moody, intense and yet delicate.
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11/23/11 3:23 PM GMT
Kind of spooky walking around there in the fog, though some do that sort of thing 24/7. lol Nice moody shot, Jan. It's good to have a job these days.
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11/23/11 8:24 PM GMT
The B&W makes the dramatic / mysterious effect even greater. Excellent post!
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11/25/11 7:02 PM GMT
A perfect set for a horror movie :-) Excellent camera work and really great b&w.
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12/03/11 10:40 PM GMT
I don't mind graveyards at all, Jan and as a matter of fact I like looking around them. There can be some pretty interesting stuff found there . This is very well framed, I like just two tombstones really visible, and the black and white choice was the perfect. I'm gonna' have to fav this one - it's too cool -
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So many pics and so little time can mean just one thing - it must be - tee time
05/05/12 12:59 AM GMT
I love this photograph.
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