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For anyone that has been paying attention to Internation News you most likely have seen or read the Air France plane that crashed at Toronto Pearson Intl. Airport that they are calling the "Miracle Plane" because not one person died on it. Well this is a picture that I was contracted to take at the G.T.A.A. (Toronto Pearson Intl. Airport) it is the very firefighters that would have been saving lives Tuesday Augest 2nd 2005 This was a test burn that they did where they have a mockup plane and intentially set fire to it, very impressive set up and i would love to post the rest of the set but I cant for different reasons. Please leave feedback


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08/03/05 11:00 PM GMT
Must is the must. [LOL] I read and AM very much impressed. The photo would be perfect as a poster. I heard the news today and know what you mean. Many thanks for sharing this one if not more ..
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08/03/05 11:08 PM GMT
i actually did make a poster of it with a title and i signed and dated and i plan to have another print made that i will give the firefighters at pearson
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08/03/05 11:19 PM GMT
This is a professional photo, alright. I like the placement of the subject and the weird wavy watery effect you have on part of the image. I don't know what that thing is to the left, though. It makes a good frame, but I find it a bit distracting. I say that only, because I feel like I have to pick *something* out to pick on. It's really a wonderful image. Not a good desktop because it's busy, but a good image in general. I'm glad you posted it here.
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ж Regmar ж
08/03/05 11:40 PM GMT
the thing to the left is the actual plane that they intentially set fire to

if you are ever flying in or out of pearson it is the closest thing to the bottom of the radar tower (the tower that looks like a huge golfball)
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My brush is a welder and my canvas is a peice of metal.
08/04/05 12:33 AM GMT
Great shot, great composer, great exposure. Love it.

P.S. Yay! A biped! =)
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08/04/05 2:43 AM GMT
I don't know what's more impressive. Your photo or your tremendous respect and admiration for firefighters. I feel the heat, courage, and desperation in this image. Well done.
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08/04/05 4:15 AM GMT
Well done Jeff! You captured the 'heat' coming from the flames. Being a Mom of a Firefighter, I know more than I want to sometimes. The water spray is excellent. The "looking thru a glass block' effect in front of the firefighter is amazing. This is something you see when you are on the scene of a live fire, but is often not captured in photo's. I knew what the object to the left was, but again, that comes from first-hand knowlede. I salute all the firefighters world-wide & wish them to be safe. These test burns are just as dangerous as any fire Job well done. Thanks for posting this :~)
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~ Mimi~
08/04/05 7:51 AM GMT
Great shot.
these firefighters did a great job....but you too with this shot.
I like all the different kind of ripples in this has great detail.
And like Mimi said you seldom see a picture like this.
so thanks for posting
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08/04/05 11:19 AM GMT
Great shot. Those guys have a very difficult job to do.
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08/04/05 5:49 PM GMT
Wow, great shot. 45/10.
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08/07/05 3:01 AM GMT
The heat waves are fabulous! They really help to put the action and urgency into this photo.
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08/15/05 4:00 AM GMT
Wonderful shot, Jeff! Don't know how close you were to those flames, but it is truly awesome the way you captured the distortion caused by the tremendous heat of those flames! Very nice job!
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10/11/05 5:16 PM GMT
This is a totally amazing shot. From reading the comment i know it was a set up but the scale of the fire, and the heat radiating from it. This must have been quite an intense thing to witness. It just blows me away. Amazing work! 10/10
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10/14/05 2:54 PM GMT
What an astounding photograph !! You can almost feel the heat radiating from your desktop !! Fantastic !!! From the excellent colors to the heat distortion you captured, I just don't know where to start. But in my opinion, these guys do NOT get enough credit for the job they do. I'm just glad you were there, & you were able to give your cheer for firefighters worldwide. I'm cheering too.


As the wife of a police officer, I am aware of difficult jobs.
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10/22/05 6:16 PM GMT
amazing shot!!!! I love it. Real action....
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12/02/05 2:08 AM GMT
What an amazing capture of action. And just as well this wasn't a real accident (because i guess it wouldn't be right to take photos of that). However this photo is spectacular, and i couldn't give it anything but 10! Also into Favs.
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01/11/06 11:07 PM GMT
Awesome Jeffo, was scrolling through your library of pics and this just grabbed me and dragged me in. Composition, framing, colors, everything is perfect. Well done. Keep posting those pics.
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03/21/06 5:41 AM GMT
Hmm ... not sure what I can add to what has already been said and written.

I will try to encapsulate in a few words my praise ... and I quote one of the above member's comments ... "This is a professional photo."

Great shot.
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12/03/07 5:11 PM GMT
that's an excellent shot.
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06/06/10 6:20 PM GMT
Stunning photo graph and great detail you can almost feel the heat. Well done.
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09/13/12 2:43 PM GMT
You can feel the heat in this photo. Excellent work.


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