Caedes Card  

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Uploaded: 06/16/06 11:17 AM GMT
Caedes Card
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A fantasy artisan-inspired credit card done in Photoshop..."Artists respect the power of the Spider" (LOL) See Also: Alicia


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06/16/06 12:32 AM GMT
What is my credit line and pin number!????? please reply asap.
I feel depressed and love spending money when in this mood.
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The Voting Booth is your friend..........:)
06/16/06 2:02 PM GMT
I have to give you credit (buh dum bum)... this is a really neat graphic! I love the color choices (purple & pink are two of my faves) and the font is interesting too. The perspective angle is great too.

Now let's go shopping!
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"The promise of tomorrow is not a guarantee, so I shall live for today and live for me." -- Smoosh
06/16/06 10:18 PM GMT
It is accepted in more places then a Discover card and has a low, low APR! I am waiting for mine to arrive in the mail.
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The work of art may have a moral effect, but to demand moral purpose from an artist is to make him ruin his work. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - 1832)
06/16/06 11:12 PM GMT
You spent some time on this and it shows. What a great presentation. If Caedes is a spider, why does it not have eight legs?
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06/20/06 6:07 AM GMT
damn nice ! ... DAMN!
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07/12/06 4:04 PM GMT
sweet. i need one of those
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09/02/06 1:28 AM GMT
How do I get there a special on the color purple cuz id like tah place me an ordah...very cute idea :))
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07/23/08 1:43 PM GMT
Good job
i want one!
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