Roush 429 - Street Sweet X  

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Uploaded: 01/14/08 9:22 AM GMT
Roush 429 - Street Sweet X
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The 2008 Ford / Roush 429 Mustang...I'd love to get behind the wheel of this monster! See Also: Esprit - Street Sweet IX...


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01/14/08 9:44 AM GMT
Hi Ron you gashead. :o)
Fast cars, and "mega bucks bling" are really not my style but I can appreciate good work when I see it, and this creation fits that bill !!
The simple yet elegant curves are top notch well done. :o)
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So you had it tough hey !! A mistreated dog should try to leave a deposit on their masters best carpet, after all it's important to establish who's boss..... My gallery is here.
01/14/08 10:19 AM GMT
Yeah, me too!..some great lines here!...Your work always fascinates me!...nice one mate!
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01/14/08 11:09 AM GMT
can I have one?... i guess not.. I settle for the desktop..nice work:)
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01/14/08 2:34 PM GMT
You did it again. I always look forward to your creations. Very good Ron.

Tick toor
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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
01/14/08 7:23 PM GMT
Whoa I Absolutely Love The New Mustang My 2nd fav car Right after the Dodge Viper Gts :P
Awesome Image man, Straight into my favs ;)
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01/14/08 7:33 PM GMT
What a BEAUTY!..great job,Ron!
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01/14/08 11:05 PM GMT
This looks awesome! Great lines here and wonderful work!
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01/15/08 2:57 AM GMT
So how much?

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01/15/08 4:04 AM GMT
Great car! It's well drawn, and I love the reflections and shine. The background is great. Fantastic work Ron. :)
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01/15/08 6:21 AM GMT
Black and red elegance. I like the lady on the back wall a lot too. Nice work, Ron. The ad people are looking for you.
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01/16/08 6:50 PM GMT
oh mate!!! thats a nice one, wish i had that car dude....... Dream car!!!!
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01/24/08 7:31 AM GMT
Definitely a beauty, lol.
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