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"¬…Pursued¬…in the dark of the night¬…

¬…I could hear the movment of mighty arthropodal legs¬…powered by the fluidity of the blood of its victims¬…always behind me¬…watching¬…stalking¬…closing in¬…

¬…And as I awoke in the morning, I still felt an uncertain feeling that was now a part of me¬…I looked upon my arm, and saw two marks¬…side by side ¬…that told of legends from a time long passed¬…in the realm of vampires¬…

I¬’d been bitten¬…by the Spider¬…"


Another Halloween-inspired post...This one is for the Caedes community and everyone that is a part of this indeed unusual website¬…Special thanks to Gerry ¬…our ¬“Fearless Leader¬” (Chief Vampire (?) ¬– LOL ¬– Just kidding!) If you zoom in on the illustration, you¬’ll see the Caedes Symbol within the orb, and on Rhonda¬’s hosiery¬…You¬’ll also see the aforementioned ¬“spider bite¬” on her right arm¬…This concoction on a simple black background took a while to create (the character lighting aspect, anyway)¬…

I really enjoy doing the dark/fantasy/offbeat art because it is a form of therapy for me¬…and it utilizes the full potential of my computer drawing/technical skills¬…I might sustain myself on the commercial (BLAH!) stuff (PLEEZE ¬– I can¬’t be ¬“regular¬”¬…)¬…but the peculiar are the genre(s) where I truly shine¬…That is the real job, and I¬’m happy to be amongst both ¬“friends and fiends¬” alike on this site! Thank you for taking me into your community¬…

See Also:Down the Haunted Alley

¬…Oh and there¬’s a song that goes with this post¬…Old school METAL of course! I like all kinds of music to be sure¬…but you know the affliction¬…You can perceive this tune any way you want to¬…Given my past, and my strange ways¬…I have my own views, to be sure¬…



Musical Score

All's well at the midnight hour,
You're ready to fly...
Don't think about the darkness
Or the rumbling in the sky...

Somewhere on the morning road,
Just...waiting for you...
Some things that just could never be
Are calling up a spell, so you can see...

Dream Evil...
The dark that you find,
In the back of your mind...
Dream Evil...
Dream Evil...

Don't go to the edge of rainbows,
Don't close your eyes...
Like things that can't be real
The truth is really...lies...

Don't wish on a rising star,
You could... open up the door...
Where things that just should never be
Are calling up a spell, so you can see...

Dream Evil...
The dark that you find,
Can come out of your mind...
Dream Evil...
Take you away...

Oh no, it's the midnight hour,
Don't leave me alone...
Those things that just should never be,
Are calling up a spell,
So you can see...


Dream Evil...
Dream Evil...
Dream Evil...
Dream Evil...

Oh no, it's the midnight hour,
Don't open the door...
Don't go to the edge of rainbows
Don't sleep any more...
You'll Dream Evil...
You'll Dream Evil...
You'll Dream Evil...
Dream Evil...


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09/18/09 3:53 PM GMT
Sounds like a real nightmare Ron. Enough to scare kids and elderly pensioners alike. Hallucinations, Mantras, images of cruel Rhonda flying by! The image of Rhonda here is beautifully made!
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If practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect, then why practice?
09/18/09 6:59 PM GMT
Interesting,but terrific!!!
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09/18/09 7:16 PM GMT
Rhonda looks pleased with herself Yogi. I suspect she is glad your are treating her so special. Good creation.


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Insure what you touch during your lifetime, is not coated with the fingerprints of apathy....Tick
09/18/09 8:40 PM GMT
I love the eerie glow in this one! But you know my favorite part? Her foot! The upturned curve, the tattooed ankle, the way the light falls upon her skin. This would be a great pic to write some flash fiction about! Nice work hon.
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SINCERE THANKS to everyone who visits, views and/or comments on my Gallery. I really appreciate your feedback!
09/18/09 10:02 PM GMT
Ron, In my opinion this is one of your best. The intricate work you have done really sets it off. I like everything about this one and it's in my faves. Thank you! ♪ ♫ :)sandi♪ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
09/19/09 12:32 AM GMT
Love that luminous glow! Awesome creation, Ron! Beautiful in details and colour! I also love the tones in her hair, and her upturned foot! And a most appropriate tune to accompany! Faved+
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*Tea is a cup of life*
10/11/09 1:02 AM GMT
Thanks for the work Ron. =)
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08/02/10 1:34 PM GMT
Goodbye black night
Take me away with a sincere
Friendly indeed we are friends
Traveled a dark road

Thanks for the black night
Many of you teach me
All the sins of all injuries
All blamed everything

Once you're disappointed in me
Because I do not believe you
That day there was no day night
Today there is a day of morning

...might like that ..... LOL

Thanks for your comment on "cat women"
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if you come my heart happy flowery....
08/02/10 3:02 PM GMT
(Gom) Sounds like someone I barely know...You are "a friend...of the friendless", perhaps?

Friendless...indeed, I am NOT...Thanks for the poetry...
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"Put up...or SHUT UP!" Visit Jhihmoac's Gallery
08/02/10 11:28 PM GMT
your well come and thank for comment on dancing with wolf #1.
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if you come my heart happy flowery....

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