For the MANE Menfolk 14  

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Uploaded: 01/11/20 9:14 PM GMT
For the MANE Menfolk 14
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...Like, WHOA - Despicable Me!

- All this time, putting emphasis on the different varieties of "Mane Busters", I went and forgot that this particular freaky manufacturer made an actual shaving system to go WITH those unique "Flavors"...

-- So, go ahead, try it!

--- After all, it's "Werewolf Tested Tough"!


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01/12/20 6:31 PM GMT
Gillette and Schick will be after you Yogi for designing something some brilliant. You could help them out.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
01/14/20 6:14 AM GMT
I just love the mane lube strips, without the cartridges. Get a bottle of Kraft Easy Cheese, chopped some onions, add in your Wolfsbane Wolfsbone Mane Lube Strips and place them all between two saltine crackers. Wash the whole thing down with a 32z bottle of Red Dog. Now that's living!
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