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Uploaded: 04/03/20 6:19 PM GMT
Just Some Nonsense
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...With Mess County on Lockdown, along with the rest of the US, I'm not really into drawing empty streets, closed business establishments, nor characters wearing masks!. I might draw some faces from the past (which will be in any image description posted), but really nothing new with the storyline, except the "Times" itself, of course - until this dangerous situation has passed...

--- Hence the above nonsense... If dogs can have this (Which by the way, the manufacturer is located not far from where I currently reside), why can't the parties above have their own version?

Hey, it's RE-USABLE, right? :P


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04/03/20 6:45 PM GMT
No bone to pick with you on this one Yogi.
Stay in, stay safe and stay healthy.
Good post.


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