Old Amish Kitchen  

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Uploaded: 10/13/15 1:51 PM GMT
Old Amish Kitchen
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Taken at an Amish Museum in Sugar Creek, Ohio.


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10/13/15 1:54 PM GMT
Great shot Jimbob look good in B/W Good luck in the challenge.
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10/13/15 2:25 PM GMT
That's an interesting shot of the Amish kitchen. I bet it took some skill to cook and bake with that stove. Nice find and capture.
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10/13/15 2:25 PM GMT
That's looks my old mums domain!...

Woe betide anyone who stepped in there to do something!

Nice tones throughout too!..
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10/13/15 2:50 PM GMT
Great shot of all these interesting things, JimBob. The waffle iron is most interesting - never would have guessed they would have one.
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10/13/15 2:56 PM GMT
Great shot Jimbo, especially the B&W. It reminds me of my great gramdmaws kitchen. Thanks for the memories.
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10/13/15 3:23 PM GMT
Great shot, simple life
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10/13/15 5:09 PM GMT
Where's the microwave Jimbob? lol!

Excellent shot and a perfect entry for the B&W challenge.
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10/13/15 5:23 PM GMT
Got it dead right with that treatment..R.
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10/13/15 5:43 PM GMT
Great shot Jimbob from days of old - I'm so thankful for modern conveniences - love the post effect - Well Done!!!!!!!!
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10/13/15 6:04 PM GMT
No delicacies will be prepared in this kitchen! Interesting shot and a good one for the challenge Jimbob.
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10/13/15 6:48 PM GMT
I can't help but admire the Amish lifestyle. Sometimes I think I would prefer it to the present chaos. Great capture. Lots to ponder and look at.
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10/13/15 7:20 PM GMT
Looks like my great great aunt's kitchen from what I remember as a 3 year old out in the country. Well done on the treatment Jim.
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10/13/15 11:40 PM GMT
The sepia works really well, good one.
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10/14/15 10:01 AM GMT
A nice aged look in sepia Jimbob and lots of old interesting utensils. The old flat iron would have made ironing day a real chore. I can remember my mother and grandmother using one. Always kept handy to the range for heating, just like this one is. The plaited rag rug looks very authentic too. This looks a very well equipped kitchen, complete with ice chest :)
Nice one for the BWC, thank you :)
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10/14/15 11:05 AM GMT
I have a few friends up in the mountains who still utilize these wood-burning stove/ovens. I'll bet this one pumped out a lot of yummy meals. Good one, Jimbob.
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10/14/15 3:46 PM GMT
They pack a lot in one small room it seems. I like the effect you've used on this one. Nice work.
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10/14/15 4:02 PM GMT
Great work Jimbob! I see some of the same cookware I use today,(love cast iron) but I want that waffle maker.
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10/15/15 4:42 PM GMT
Boy, I guess the husband didn't help in the kitchen back then, thank goodness, it's small. Great shot and treatment, looks really old, love the water pump
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10/22/15 8:45 AM GMT
This shot took me straight to 60's :) Nice job Jim:)
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10/26/15 1:52 AM GMT
Takes me back 30-40 years ago and some of the old kitchens I was in. Good post work on the photo and a nice capture of the scene, Jimbob.
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