Amish Country Kettle  

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Uploaded: 10/19/15 1:33 PM GMT
Amish Country Kettle
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A huge cheese making kettle in Sugar Creek, Ohio.


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10/19/15 1:39 PM GMT
That's a big pot to be working with. I'd like to have some cheese please. I like the old distressed B&W effect. A good entry for the challenge.
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10/19/15 1:48 PM GMT
You could certainly make a great deal of cheese in this huge pot, JimBob. They have highlighted it nicely placing it inside the the brick walls. I really like Your framing on this.
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10/19/15 2:51 PM GMT
Excellent treatment Jim and I would love some cheese from this kettle - the Amish make some excellent cheese.
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10/19/15 2:57 PM GMT
In the past, these kettles were used in Africa too Jimbob, but they had a completely different goal my friend, lol.

Good one again!
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10/19/15 3:19 PM GMT
I love cheese!....We always try out new brands and flavours!...

I like the olde worlde look to this...excellent work JB
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10/19/15 4:06 PM GMT
Good heavens, I could make some gumbo in that pot. Cool.
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10/19/15 4:59 PM GMT
Another beautiful shot from you, great shot
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10/19/15 5:24 PM GMT
That must be one Helluva family...Good one...R.
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10/19/15 8:39 PM GMT
That thing is huge - to stir the contents must have been quite tiresome. Nice for the b/w challenge Jimbob.
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10/19/15 10:09 PM GMT
Lovely close-up very well captured Jimbob.
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10/19/15 11:02 PM GMT
Your editing is right on for this for this one my friend, love the aged look. tigs=^..^=
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10/20/15 12:20 AM GMT
WOW! That is big alright, makes a great photo and probably good cheese too. Nice one.
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10/20/15 1:46 AM GMT
I love cheese in any shape or form! Looks like a lot of work went into making it, though! Great vintage look and good entry for the B&W challenge.
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10/20/15 11:43 AM GMT
This looks quite authentically old - you did a great job on the ageing !
What an enormous kettle/pot.
On the list for Wednesday - thank you :)
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10/22/15 10:49 PM GMT
Excellent capture and post work, looks like a very old photo. Bravo
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11/02/15 1:09 AM GMT
I think you'd get full from just licking the spoon clean. A good capture of the scene and great post work on the image, Jimbob.
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