European stag beetle  

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Uploaded: 07/18/07 7:41 PM GMT
European stag beetle
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Lucanus cervus Distribution: Southern and central Europe. In Britain, they are found in southern and southeastern areas of England. Habitat: Broad-leaved woodlands, especially oak, but also parks and gardens where there are hedgerows, tree stumps and logs. Size: Dark, violet-brown elytra (wing cases) with reddish-brown antlers (female's antlers are much smaller than the male's). Larva is creamy-white. Life-span: The larva lives 3-5 years. Adults live only between the months of May and August. Food: Larva eats rotting wood and roots. It is thought that the adult either eats tree sap or nothing at all. Hope you like it and thanks for watching :-)


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07/18/07 9:05 PM GMT
Well, coming from you, I got my magnifying glass out to make sure you weren't pulling my leg <<LOL>> Amazing macro :)


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07/18/07 9:39 PM GMT
Hehe, just wait until tomorrow ;-)
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07/18/07 9:59 PM GMT
I don't know if it's this stag beetle Goran, or another 1.
But I can clearly recall seeing a large black beetle flying in the family back garden many years ago. I can tell u I wasn't too impressed either !!
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Lifes around said Phil the 35 millimetre cameraman. I recently went to the doctors, and said I've got icon fever. But he told me there was no cure for the disease, and try to think of it more as a gift, and less of a handicap.
07/18/07 10:06 PM GMT
Its a female Stag beetle
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07/22/07 8:12 PM GMT
Does this have anything to do with the stag parties they have in Europe? Joking, informative narrative and great capture! I like the colors of the rocky backdrop.
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