Clifton Suspension Bridge - WideView  

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Uploaded: 12/21/10 4:31 PM GMT
Clifton Suspension Bridge - WideView
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Being right on my doorstep, I find it hard to stop taking pictures of this great subject, Clifton Suspension Bridge. THANKS to snapshooter87, I am now trying Microsoft ICE as a photo stitching tool. It's free. Google it!! Stitches any number of images in any order and orientation into a huge file. Only need to make sure an overlap exists and ICE will do a very good job to align pixels, exposure and contrast. The image above started out as 93MB, combined from eight different images and 150cm wide at 100%. Thanks for stopping by and looking!


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12/21/10 6:46 PM GMT
Great work.. Compliment! Mich
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12/22/10 4:19 PM GMT
Wow this is a stunning photo and very good detail and focus too.Thanks for the stitching link too.Outstanding photo my friend.
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12/22/10 8:59 PM GMT
Must be viewed full screen to truly appreciate the breadth and scope of this shot. The ICE looks like a good editing program.
One of the best I have seen of this Landmark.

† Merry Christmas †

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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
12/23/10 2:19 AM GMT
Glad you're enjoying it, Mannie. You certainly have a perfect subject with which to play, and it's a very impressive structure, composition and presentation.
Happy Holidays.
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12/23/10 3:09 PM GMT
Very good work indeed.
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12/24/10 2:13 AM GMT
Low tide hey neighbour, don't go sliding on the ice, great shot.
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12/25/10 5:29 PM GMT
Richard... VERY NICE! Thanks for both the post and the info re. MS ICE. I have downloaded and installed ICE but haven't tried it out as yet. I will try it on some old pans in a less hectic time! :o)
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01/02/11 2:45 AM GMT
150cm wide at 100%? Wow - what an incredible print you could make with that! Easily one to be proud of on the wall or on the desktop. Beautiful!
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People aren't going to remember the things you do. They're going to remember how you made people feel. Be kind, gracious, and appreciative. Dan Winters - Photographer.

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