Nature playground  

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Uploaded: 04/06/06 10:13 PM GMT
Nature playground
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I like this one personally a lot. It looks a bit like a painting and it shows nature at work in full force. The colors are unaltered, this is what the camera saw. I hope you enjoy a good swim!


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04/06/06 10:22 PM GMT
Oh wow. That water is gorgeous AND detailed. The magnificent sunset is somewhat different from the norm in color but lovely none the less. It is golden and lightens the heart.
Those sunspots have got to go. Couldn't they be edited out?

Gosh, this is just stunning. In my favorites it goes and on the desktop it will reside.
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04/06/06 10:27 PM GMT
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04/06/06 11:59 PM GMT
absolutely stunning paul 10 of 10 from me
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Is This It?
04/07/06 12:05 AM GMT
very nice Image it does look like nature is gone wild which is playing I guess very well done and keep up the good work
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Keep your eyes open there will always be a challenge to tackle
04/07/06 12:21 AM GMT
A very good shot.
I think that the "sunspots" add a little to it. (Like a couple of green "UFO's"?) Just where was it taken? It's been added to my desktop shots.
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04/07/06 1:06 AM GMT
Beautiful Paul! I agree it does almost look like a painting! Love it! Vicky
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04/07/06 5:07 AM GMT
Great shot... very natural.. you have captured it perfectly, great colours, composition and lighting.... beautiful
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04/07/06 7:06 AM GMT
Wonderful shot, but I don't think I'll try going for a swim. I imagine I would end up in worse shape than that shipwreck. I will admire from afar the wonderful composition and gorgeous colors here.
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04/07/06 7:08 AM GMT
This one looks very much like a 'belly-flopper' Paul!.... lying on the beach! were you1
Another awesome picture from the 'Master'....I just love sunset's...high marks to you from me!
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04/07/06 8:54 AM GMT
WOW!!!!!!!!! Great picture.. definately into my fav file too. Thanx Paul
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Live every day as if it's your last... and take pictures of it ;)
04/07/06 11:16 AM GMT
This is a great picture! I love how the turbulent waves look! Too bad for the sun spots though, wish you could edit them out!
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There is a taste that you can't shake but you can't seem to let them go awry.
04/07/06 12:49 AM GMT
very pretty, the sun is goregous
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love sweet love
04/07/06 3:20 PM GMT
I think in some instances lens flare can add to the picture. I don't find it offensive in this shot

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04/07/06 4:19 PM GMT
You have captured the action of the waves perfectly and the color is very unique. With or without the lens flare it is a keeper. Superb work!
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04/09/06 12:32 AM GMT
it looks deep and makes me cold. that might be because it's cold outside! you have such a diversified portfolio. very nice. jen
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04/10/06 1:30 AM GMT
Great image, love the action in the water too!
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
04/12/06 6:04 PM GMT
Hi Paul, my this is naturally skillfully photograhed, but swim? I have never liked cruises, and now this validates my concerns!! This is very nicely done, and evokes from me the thoughts of nature's fury well displayed! As you said, 'nature in full force', and very well described, but also beautiful in a very peculiar way! The beauty is there, but one must ponder a bit to determine this! Like in much artistic beauty found in classic art, the dark side is present, but the lighter side must be searched for and enjoyed! Nicely done Paul, as I would expect! High marks granted! Sincerely, Marilyn
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04/13/06 7:26 PM GMT
Amazing capture, supurb clarity, good colors and sunset!
The lens flare is kinda distracting, but other then that good job!
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08/05/06 3:21 PM GMT
its amazing & wonderful capture, the colors and the essence of the scen is just terrific, great work
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08/14/06 12:06 AM GMT
This is so beautiful. The Gold color is pretty and i like the way it shines on the water. Great shot!

<3 Kiki
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08/29/07 2:45 PM GMT
I agree the sunspots really need to be edited out, then youa re left with a most amazing capture!
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Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it..
10/20/09 8:36 PM GMT
An extemely beautiful shot Paul, but I feel the little green dots distract from the beauty and I would airbrush them out.
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