Rice Paper butterfly  

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Uploaded: 04/19/08 8:09 AM GMT
Rice Paper butterfly
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Paper Kite or the Rice Paper butterfly (Idea leuconoe) is known especially for its presence in butterfly greenhouses and live butterfly expositions. The Paper Kite is of Southeast Asian origin. This species was thought to have gone extinct from Singapore. Already a very rare butterfly even in Malaysia, Idea leuconoe chersonesia is a seashore species known to only make its appearance deep in mangrove swamp vegetation. Although there were several unconfirmed reports of its sighting at Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong in the late 80's, no confirmed observation of its existence was obtained until recently, where this photograph of the species was taken with a digital camera. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to record the existence of Idea leuconoe chersonesia in Singapore. Idea leuconoe chersonesia is a black and white butterfly like the other species of the genus Idea, but the marginal and submarginal spots are conjoined to form an irregular black band, and the wing bases are yellow-tinted. Like the other Idea species, the butterfly glides gracefully amongst the treetops and floats like a piece of paper. The butterfly is believed to be distasteful to predators.


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04/19/08 4:12 PM GMT
Very nice butterfly,the photo is really good.
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04/19/08 5:06 PM GMT
Again a wonderful combination of a very good narrative and excellent image Paul! Great job again!
Regards, Cornelius
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Cornelius was here! (lol) Click HERE to see his work!
04/19/08 5:45 PM GMT
Exceptional detail, Paul.
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Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care.
04/19/08 5:53 PM GMT
Excellent capture.
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04/19/08 11:15 PM GMT
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04/20/08 3:17 AM GMT
Excellent macro!
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04/20/08 5:33 AM GMT
Oh Paul this is just awesome. I have a calendar from a few years ago, and this particular butterfly was on one of the I actually reconize it..:) and you saw this in person?! I love how the body has the same pattern as the pretty! I will enjoy this photo of yours very much. Thank you my dear friend.V
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A candle-glow can pierce the darkest night.
04/20/08 9:13 AM GMT
this indeed looks like painted cloth, well done!
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04/20/08 3:38 PM GMT
Love the title for this one. it's wings and lighting thereof, remind me of delicate rice paper.
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04/22/08 10:52 PM GMT
Excellent Paul! Nice details and colors!!
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John 3:16
04/23/08 4:11 PM GMT
Excellent, Paul! Unbelievable colours and clarity.
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04/23/08 9:04 PM GMT
OMG this is amazing.. at least the c-index better reflects the quality of this image. absolutely stunning. excellent shot.
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04/26/08 3:19 AM GMT
One of my favorite Butterflies. You have captured it so well, a Stunning photo.
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04/26/08 3:58 PM GMT
have no words you always impress me thanks by the way im learning a lot by your shots :)
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04/26/08 6:04 PM GMT
Somehow the word "clear" just isn't enough to describe it. xD
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04/28/08 4:47 PM GMT
Woah, does this guy onlyhave 4 legs or do you think he's hiding the other 2? Great shot!

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