Pyrrhosoma nymphula  

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Uploaded: 05/20/09 5:54 PM GMT
Pyrrhosoma nymphula
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a widespread and common red damselfly Adult flight period extends from late April to August. Pyrrhosoma nymphula is the earliest Odonata species on the wing, appearing in warm Springs in late April. It is found in most habitats except for the most exposed sites. It has a preference for small acidic pools and is able to persist on many very dry sites that have become unsuitable for other Odonata. It is also quick to colonise newly created ponds. Shot with 420mm Macro, so the background is nicely blurred.


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05/20/09 6:01 PM GMT
Very nice alround photo great subject colour and focus, is spot on and what a great looking damsel.
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05/20/09 6:10 PM GMT
Paul, really thought its name was dragonfly ('waterjuffer' in Dutch), but reading your interesting narrative see now that's a pyrrhosoma nymphula or damsel (just a 'juffer' in Dutch), lol.
Your image is a perfect one again!
Regards, Cornelius.
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image or say 'thank you' for your interest in my gallery. In the first case, please CLICK HERE to see my work!
05/20/09 6:19 PM GMT
Excellent detail on this delicate beasty Paul
Well done maestro. (o:
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Look after the wildlife folks
05/20/09 6:44 PM GMT
Great capture.
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Journies end in lovers meeting...
05/20/09 8:04 PM GMT
Just a little closer, Paul, okay? lol I don't think my naked eyes see this well. ;0) Fabulous shot, Paul.
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05/20/09 9:53 PM GMT
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05/20/09 10:18 PM GMT
An excellent shot, Paul.

See you are having some more fun with your, somewhat, recent photographic discovery using the teleconverter and lens.

Thank you for sharing your innate creative gift with us. It is sincerely appreciated by this viewer. :o)

p.s. And ... thank you, once more. :o))
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"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind." - Mahatma Gandhi
05/20/09 11:04 PM GMT
Super Capture, Clarity and Detail Paul.

Well Done!

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This Image GRABBED my EYE. That's Why I Stopped By. Thanks For Sharing ! Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
05/20/09 11:56 PM GMT
Mighty fine macro!
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05/21/09 2:17 AM GMT
An excellent macro Paul, Fantastic colour, detail and clarity. Thanks for the info. Saved

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Enjoy nature, Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints
05/21/09 3:58 AM GMT
Very nice clear shot of a pretty cool bug! The colors are great and you got so close, Fine work!
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Come over to the dark side, we have cookies. :)
05/21/09 6:02 AM GMT
Well done my good sir! Ten out of ten sugar cookies for this one.
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05/21/09 4:17 PM GMT
Vakwerk kerel! Mich
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05/22/09 10:46 AM GMT
Sharpness and clarity are excellent Paul !
Thanks for sharing such a perfect photo.
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Visit my gallery, there's always something new from France !! ; )
05/23/09 4:46 AM GMT
Wow that is clear!
Also, damselflies are awesome and I've never seen a red one before.
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05/25/09 1:33 AM GMT
Marvelous detail and clarity Paul. fabulous capture
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My computer is back. HURRAY
05/26/09 9:15 PM GMT
Brilliant color and focus. Very nice work, Paul!
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Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care.

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