Cleveland Skyline at Sunrise  

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Uploaded: 09/09/10 11:31 PM GMT
Cleveland Skyline at Sunrise
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This is the sunrise before the Cleveland National Air Show 2009, last year. I got there very early to get my spot for good pics. I was way too early as it was at least 2 hours before anyone else showed up. I used my time wisely. Any and all comments are appreciated.


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09/10/10 1:11 AM GMT
Stunning image - very well worth it to arrive early.
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09/10/10 1:21 AM GMT
Good morning Cleeeeeeeeeeevland. I would love to see this kind of shot with all the big skyscrapers in the picture. This is very good, though. I love the colors and the reflections. That sky is gorgeous. Well done, Phil.
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09/10/10 2:34 AM GMT
Not only is this one faved I sent it to the art council as well. I am glad you are an early riser. This is the best cityscape I have ever seen. Very well done.
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09/10/10 10:37 AM GMT
What a stunning view of the city skyline. Love the details of the city and the rolling clouds in the sky.
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09/10/10 11:07 AM GMT
I love this image, the colours are beautiful.
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Hi everyone thankyou all for taking the time to look and comment on my photos/artwork...unlike many of you i am not a photographer im a stay at home mom! however i always always have my camera to hand and im slowly learning how to edit the photos i capture with adobe. I use my FujiFilm FinePix S1600 to capture 90% of my photos. Again i'd just like to say thankyou again who to everyone for making me feel welcome here at Caedes. Emily x
09/10/10 12:10 AM GMT
I'm so glad you arrived early. This is really beautiful. I'd much rather see this than any stupid planes.
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09/10/10 8:23 PM GMT
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09/11/10 1:22 PM GMT
Beautiful photo, interesting scene, good colors. I like it.
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09/13/10 1:51 AM GMT
Great skyline shot! The sunset really makes this image stand out. The Cleveland Chamber of Commerce should tip their hats to you for this one. Nice work.

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09/16/10 7:23 AM GMT
Super job!!!!!!!!
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09/16/10 11:16 AM GMT
Very beautiful and clear. I love the colors and I love it!
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09/16/10 9:48 PM GMT
Beautiful! Superb clarity,colors,reflections and dramatic sky!
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09/16/10 9:51 PM GMT
Amazing colors and reflections!
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