(Heron Series - 6) Carryout  

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Uploaded: 12/19/20 7:21 PM GMT
(Heron Series - 6) Carryout
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With a powerful flap, our heron seems to be walking on water as he prepares to fly off.


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12/19/20 10:33 PM GMT
'Seems' is the proper word in your narrative, Jeff. As you know, there's only one man in our whole history who was able to walk on water. Another good action shot however.

Edit: I questioned where the fish was now. Apparently I didn't look closely, as Jeff made me aware (see his additional comment below) that it's still in its mouth.
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12/20/20 2:49 AM GMT
Good job, Jeff. The ripples tell the story on this one.
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12/20/20 1:42 PM GMT
Stunning result, light, dark, ripples, circles ... a favorite for me.
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12/20/20 8:04 PM GMT
Look closely and you'll see the fish is still in the heron's mouth.
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Jeff Hamilton

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