Walking the Spiral  

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Uploaded: 05/19/21 9:17 AM GMT
Walking the Spiral
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The spiral, or the labyrinth, emblematic in many traditions, is the whirl of manifestation which is life, both inside and outside, and the effort toward recognition, which is a journey toward the center. In the natural world it is oft repeated energetic form... Here, a person gathered stones to make the pattern on a beech in Wellfleet Massachusetts USA . Reminds of the quote: "God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere." St. Augustine.


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05/19/21 10:16 AM GMT
A good visualization of the wisdom expressed in your narrative, Paul.
Think the one who has 'constructed' this spiral has a lot of spare time, because collecting the stones and placing them in the desired pattern is rather time consuming. Must be placed on a higher part of the beach as well, not influenced by ebb and tide.
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05/20/21 1:54 PM GMT
Unique and very interesting idea for a photo, very well done, bravo!
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05/21/21 3:30 AM GMT
Nice set up for this one. tigs=^..^=
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