Road to Nowhere  

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Uploaded: 06/10/21 1:39 AM GMT
Road to Nowhere
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Actually leads to Gampo Abbey, Buddhist Monastery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, CA. You may feel like you are nowhere though, if you follow directions correctly.


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06/10/21 9:02 AM GMT
Paul, in the past, due to the absence of advanced equipment, it was possible to get lost in a physical way, but in today's time it's almost impossible.
It's possible, however, to get lost spiritually or mentally. In this hectic world this seems to be increasing by the day. Locating equipment cannot help these people to find their way back. There are other options for that. You've mentioned one in your narrative, but all over the world there are countless instances of all kinds that are helpful in helping people to get back on track.
Thanks for this appropriate photograph.
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06/12/21 11:58 AM GMT
This is a road to somewhere magnificent if this portion is any indication, bravo .. lovely scene.
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