Whale Jazz  

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Uploaded: 09/21/21 12:01 AM GMT
Whale Jazz
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Here a Humpback Whale in the throes of expression...splashing and clapping and making interesting whirls in the water. These Whales are known for their vocalizations songs that are reportedly the most complex of any animal known. They also team together to make nets of bubbles to catch fish. Who knows what other ways they play, communicate or express with one another? Jackson Pollack of the sea? Immersed in his own painting? They certainly know about flow and probably rhythmic dynamics.


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09/21/21 12:48 AM GMT
Paul, although humans consider themselves to be an intelligent race and have advanced research capabilities, we still know little about the plant and animal world.
If we could fathom the inteligence that certain animals have, like dolphins, whales, and so on, we would treat them with more respect. The opposite is often the case because we do our best to ruin their environment by dumping plastic into the sea (resulting in the so called 'plastic soup' in oceans) and by trying to capture them for various purposes.
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