Water Fae  

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Uploaded: 08/24/05 3:38 PM GMT
Water Fae
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A few people criticised my *Water* elemental for being out of touch with her here's one for you guys! Re-using my Water faerie - and with a lot of encouragement, ideas and support kindly given by Peter (DigitalFX) - I've composed a new image which will hopefully please everyone :D...Many, many thanks to Peter for the selection of brushes, too: you've been a HUGE help!...enjoy!...Fae x...P.S. THIS IS *NOT* AN ELEMENTAL FAERIE !!!


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08/24/05 4:02 PM GMT
Well i liked the first one but this is better.As always you did an amazing job.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
08/24/05 4:18 PM GMT
WOW...This is fantastic. I love this one, but I like the first one as well. Amazing job Fae :)
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08/24/05 4:31 PM GMT
You definitely got the mythical magical look in this one. Watch out you might be working Disney one day :-)
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08/24/05 5:28 PM GMT
oooooo i really like this one better as she looks like she is standing not floating. much better!! 10/10 have a great day! (^_^)
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08/24/05 6:18 PM GMT
Nice work, Fae. I think this one turned out better, too. :)
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08/24/05 7:10 PM GMT
Thanks Kristof, Lauren, Robert, Peanut and Nathan ^_^
Pleased you like it!
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08/24/05 7:40 PM GMT
I love your final image. Nice work all round. You're slightly monotone approach adds style and mystery to the work. For the rest of you, I did little more than encourage Fae and share a few tips. This is all her work. The girl has style and vision. I give it a ten. To get the full impact I recommentd you view it FULL SIZE.
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08/24/05 7:49 PM GMT
Thankyou Mario and Peter! was hard work but we got there in the end ^_^
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08/24/05 8:36 PM GMT
Absolutely spectacular! Fae, I'am constantly amazed by your artwork.
This Fae has just found a spot in my faves gallery. :)
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08/24/05 9:02 PM GMT
Please accept 10/10 and admiration from a very conservative fan of just photography without any computer fancies [LOL] !!! I might actually become less conservative even ...
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All of you, friends from Caedes, I GOT MY OWN CAMERA at last. Wait now ...
08/24/05 9:39 PM GMT
Mystical, mysterious, sometimes deep, dark, moody...yep, that's the water sign and you've done a marvellous job of illustrating that...I can see myself in there, marks and favs from this water girl.:Pat.
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08/25/05 1:12 AM GMT
I think both water and water fae are both very good!
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08/25/05 2:24 AM GMT
WOW, I liked the first one, but this even better. Incredible. I love the misty look.
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08/25/05 6:31 AM GMT
ah i missed this.. major improvement from the first version.. great job on this ;]
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click here for pure excellence
08/25/05 10:11 AM GMT
I love it Fae, your best piece of work if you ask me. 10/10 for sure
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08/25/05 11:42 AM GMT
Nice tweaking Fae. This looks a lot more 'together' than the other one.
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08/25/05 11:45 AM GMT
Thanks Alex, Marzena, Pat, LostinNarnia, Daybreakteacher, Andy Maria and Andrew ^_^
You guys are the coolest! ;]
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08/25/05 12:55 AM GMT
This one is indeed completely 'in touch' with the background. But (i'm sorry Fae, don't mean to be the negative one here) now it's a bit out of touch with the rest of the series.
But maybe that's just besides the question ;-) I do think you've once again done an amazing job!
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08/25/05 1:13 PM GMT

Sorry about that...but I thought it was pretty obvious that this one was different because it has no borders and it's called *Water FAE* not *Water* if you read the description, I also think it's pretty clear that this is not an elemental - the *Water* elemental had already been posted before this :P

Thankyou for liking it though, Sandro: you are a very nice guy ^_^
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08/25/05 3:08 PM GMT
This is just lovely.. You have done very well.. The fantasy background works nicely, but I have to admit I liked the original better.. I just loved the Elemental series.. This one stands on her own..
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One bead at a time..
08/25/05 11:15 PM GMT
Lovely! Everything's well matched. The colors are nice. It looks excellent. =0)
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08/26/05 4:38 PM GMT
This is my favorite in your Elemental series i think.....but i love them the colors in this one
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08/26/05 5:07 PM GMT
*jumps round room screaming and bashing head against wall*

This isn't an elemental!
Goodness me, lol :P

Thanks anyway, Melanie...pleased you like it! Thanks to Ann and Randy, too ^_^
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08/27/05 3:43 AM GMT
Well honey this is magical and fantastic and I'm not just saying that , because IT IS! Think that it is not given to everyone to be able to create such beauty with PSP or Photoshop! You defenitly are gifted!Kudoz by the zillion for you my dear!:0))!
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08/27/05 10:12 AM GMT
Aww, thankyou're too kind to me ^_^
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08/27/05 8:01 PM GMT
Wow fae this is gorgeous, I'm so jealous.. i love your faeries =)
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08/28/05 3:34 AM GMT
OhMyGosh this is so great! You changed her hair a bit, didnt you? I love it! I like the other pic too... but this does look more together in terms of the faerie fitting into the background. I think it's great. You're awesome! So talented. Keep up the amazing work.
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08/28/05 10:28 AM GMT
Thanks Cristina, Raluca :]
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08/28/05 9:54 PM GMT
I like this one too. But i must say, I liked the other one better!
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08/29/05 8:43 AM GMT
My favourite in the elemental series! only joking I read the description.. :P
This has a great feel to it, like some kind of artwork for a fantasy book.. I like the ripple effect in the water :)
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08/29/05 8:55 AM GMT
Thanks Catalina...
Hehe, I was wondering how long it would be 'till someone said that, Mark >_^
Thanks for the comments....pleased you both like it!
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08/29/05 4:30 PM GMT
That's amazing Fae your talent knows no bounds
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08/31/05 3:55 PM GMT
Top Notch girl this took you alot of work I can see very awesome layout...
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08/31/05 8:35 PM GMT
Nice work, Fae.
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08/31/05 8:38 PM GMT
Beautiful work on this! The landscape and the faerie, beautiful work, no offense but I personally think that this is better than the water element faerie, great job on this!
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09/01/05 8:35 AM GMT
OMG!that is so pretty!!
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09/02/05 6:01 AM GMT
Beautiful and uplifting work. Thanks for sharing your artistic vision.
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What nourishes me, destroys me
09/03/05 12:43 AM GMT
I love your art. it is awesome
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09/23/05 5:44 PM GMT
i love it! I've set it as my background for now =)
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10/04/05 6:06 PM GMT
Love it! Water is my element, lol 10!
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10/07/05 6:08 PM GMT
Ok, dumb question time and then the good good stuff.

Please refrain from any wall banging or other personal injury ...

What's the difference between and an elemental and this particular illustration? Ok, now the good good stuff ...

Wow. Really wow.

So delicate. Such a great colour palette, truly remarkable. Can't wait for the full length animated film. Who will do the voice? Enquiring minds want to know ;) .
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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust
10/07/05 6:11 PM GMT
Uhm ... nvm ... I get it, lol.

Still, could this not be a cousin to air and water? Just a thought.
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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust
10/07/05 7:27 PM GMT
Lol, yeah...they could be related :P
Thanks for all the fab comments everyone!
I really appreciate it :D

The difference between this one and the elemental is pretty obvious as the Elemental Series had a theme to each of the images....and this one is a rework anyway...
Thanks again :]
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11/25/05 3:38 PM GMT
wunderful! I like the colors, the light, the hair. it's beautiful!!!
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11/25/05 11:23 PM GMT
The tree's really well done... excellent realism there. Great job overall, has a very finished look.
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12/05/05 2:39 AM GMT
Very nice! Very interesting, I do like your ideas for your uploads! Is the entire image done in Photoshop? or do you use other for the setting and then manipulate them in photoshop? Great job on putting this together!
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12/24/05 4:26 AM GMT
i luv all your works but this one is my favorite. Very nice!!!
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12/31/05 4:55 PM GMT
An Asrai after my own heart!
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03/13/06 8:00 PM GMT
This is just fab work ^_^ I wish I could do something like this, I'm not so skillful like you are lol >_< Anyway, this is going into my faves! ^_^
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04/11/06 9:44 PM GMT
A Perfect 10!

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04/16/06 2:45 PM GMT
very, very beautiful! i like the other too, but imo this is better.
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~ eNon ~
05/08/06 5:39 PM GMT
Beautiful. I really like the texture and atmosphere manipulation in this one. Are you still making these? I hope so.
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08/20/06 7:16 AM GMT
This is truely a beautiful work of art, you have the gift, that's for sure. I always enjoy visiting your site.

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11/24/07 8:44 PM GMT
I like this one a lot!

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