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Ah, angel time! Well, this is Adriel (my made-up-for-the-hell-of-it character) ...his name - I only just found out - means "Congregation of God" which is all very fitting, I guess :P ...this is the second drawing I've done on my Wacom - and I think I'm getting used to it now :D The lyrics are a translated version of Rammstein's *Engel* (Angel) gotta love those Germans :D Enjoy! Fae xxx (wacom + PhotoShop)


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02/16/07 5:45 PM GMT
Wow Adriel, you have an enormous talent there, well done.
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02/16/07 5:48 PM GMT
Yep, you sure are getting used to that Wacom...superb illustration...great eye lashes and love those lyrics in the background too...they really add to the feel of the composition...well done, Fae.:Pat.
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02/16/07 8:11 PM GMT
Very well done.

The angel himself is a little feminine for my tastes, but the quality of the picture is excellent in every way. Good job!

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02/17/07 1:18 AM GMT
Hi luv,

Well done! Ye did very good on this one, I like the ears!

Captain Cal
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02/17/07 3:57 AM GMT
Well Fae that hiatus away from us solidified and increased your talents by leaps and bounds.This is truly one of your best works so far.......Very professional..........Jim
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02/17/07 7:18 AM GMT
U have done the hair nicely on this one and the over all rendering too. I like the perspective creation. Nice work over all.
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02/17/07 12:33 AM GMT
Another fantastic creation from the Great Faerie! Excellent job!
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02/17/07 2:06 PM GMT
Beautiful job Fae, and congrats on getting the copyright where it's gonna be pretty hard to get rid of, but not so prominant it distracts from your masterpiece. I'm really glad to see you posting again, I've missed your work. 8)
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02/17/07 6:18 PM GMT
hey germans are awsome
3/4s blood
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we are drawn to each other like drops of water,like the planets we repulse each other like magnets,like the colors of our skin -bleach volume 4
02/17/07 11:50 PM GMT
I so agree! Loving the sexy language, yes :D
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02/18/07 12:43 AM GMT
yes we germans have a way with words
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we are drawn to each other like drops of water,like the planets we repulse each other like magnets,like the colors of our skin -bleach volume 4
02/18/07 10:30 AM GMT
Yea I agree, you gotta love Rammstein. Image is great and i like the title of it
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02/18/07 3:09 PM GMT
Great composition!
And a beautiful Drawing! That Wacom is WAY Cool!!! :-)
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02/20/07 3:58 AM GMT
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02/26/07 7:23 PM GMT
nice art and i real like it
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Jessica wilson
03/01/07 2:57 AM GMT
hi fea,

:) your work is so good!!! omg i am sitting right next to calmagical, laughing!! XD. shes so funny. any way i like everything about your art, i mostly like the ears as well.

:) :) :)

from Siskura O X
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03/02/07 4:38 PM GMT
i loved the first adriel and now i love this one even more. You are good!
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04/14/07 9:47 AM GMT
Adriel has quite some eyelashes for a guy... At first glance it looks like a girl, but then I clicked on it and it's definitely a guy.
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04/17/07 12:53 AM GMT
Pretty Face!!! this is a gorgeous peice. i love the light, it is so....romantic, or something :) Great job!
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04/27/07 8:20 PM GMT
Fae you're a bit overwhelming sometimes. I see your work, and I try to digest it, but I find myself hung up on details like your background, and your subject's expression, then I realize that it was just as you intended it to be. You just keep getting better, and this image is one of your best I think.
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ж Regmar ж
09/16/07 4:17 AM GMT
wow this is amazing:O
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11/22/07 4:58 AM GMT
Excellent! You are an amazing drawer, and artist!

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"Judge not lest ye be judged" Matthew 7:1
01/06/08 2:00 AM GMT
*dons art glasses*

Ok then ... ready. Going to be bold here, hope you don't mind ...

First ... *rereads accompanying narrative ... "...this is the second drawing I've done on my Wacom" ... stops, takes off art glasses*

Ok, second ... fanfreakintabulously awesome work here Fae. (Ha! Fooled ya!)

Be curious to hear your own thoughts now upon your reflection of your piece here.

I detect mucho work on the hair ... some room for improvement on the ear ... and undecided about your blending. Kinda gives it a different 'look', if you will.

The colour in thumbnail drew my eyes immediately and that is why I jumped in on your galleries at this point. You achieved some lovely luminescence. Love that facet.

This one has that little extra 'something something' in my eyes. The mood and feel is almost palpable.

Very ... very nice work.

And but of course, thank you for graciously sharing your talents with us.
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06/02/08 8:27 PM GMT
Excellent artwork! I love the poetry behind art and how you pulled it together. Very nice job! Faved it.
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11/12/08 11:49 PM GMT
I really love this one! Such talent, she seems so alive!
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01/09/09 4:16 PM GMT
AWSOME, i am truly speatchless...

a favorite for me,
the collers are between warm and neutral. the tekst is random, and so are her thoughts(?)

thanks for sharring
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hi, want to hear my story? to incomplicated, don't know, don't ask :)
07/01/12 3:21 AM GMT
Saw this on the Caedes main page - thought it had to be yours. I was right. Hope you're doing well, my friend. I just posted a bunch of new stuff of mine at DeviantArt -
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07/01/12 3:21 AM GMT
By the way, every time I see a piece of your work, I'm always amazed at your talent!
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