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Inspired by Terry Brooks' Shannara series :) For those who haven't read the books: Elfstones are a very potent magic that can only be used by those with elven blood (elves or part-elves). These are the blue Eflstones: three stones combined to symbolise the user's mind, body and spirit, they can be used to seek things out or as a weapon (or defense) against other magics. Obviously, the wielding of such power causes a range of side effects and most of the characters in the series that use the elfstones find themselves overwhelmed by the magic. Bless ;P I don't know which character this is... you can choose, hehe. :) PS + Wacom For all you picky people out there: - He hasn't got clothes on because I'm not very good at drawing them ^^; - I know the elfstones shouldn't be glowing unless he's using them but if I didn't draw the glow, there'd be nothing to see ;P - don't ask about light sources...i dunno, I just did whatever. - I know his body proportions are slightly off. Whatever ;P


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10/26/07 4:11 PM GMT
Another stunning piece of work from you, fantastic stuff....10/10.
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10/26/07 6:17 PM GMT
Very pretty, lovely soft colours.
A beautiful scene.
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10/26/07 6:24 PM GMT
Very lovely .. you did this wonderfully!...A touch of the magical mystery to this! .. very nice indeed!
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10/26/07 6:54 PM GMT
As usual, AWESOME job. Makes me want to read the book. Keep up the excellent work.
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10/26/07 8:03 PM GMT
hehe, you should :]
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10/26/07 10:01 PM GMT
I did read the series and really enjoyed them. Wonderfully done:)
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10/26/07 10:03 PM GMT
***** :)
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10/26/07 11:13 PM GMT
Amazing work! The pic looks very magical. I especially love the the elf's surroundings. Well done! =D
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10/27/07 12:19 AM GMT
I love this!
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Very very new to this, and only have a bog standard fuji 2mb digi camera.
10/27/07 4:36 PM GMT
Very Very Beautiful..A Magical work..Love it..
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10/27/07 6:09 PM GMT
Another great one by the Resident FAErie! Into the "FAEves"! (LOL)
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10/28/07 4:56 PM GMT
Nice work. Gives even more magic to the books. I love the soft tones, they make it look very much like a fantasy piece.
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11/01/07 2:45 AM GMT

Sweet job!! You are amazing!! Like the new colours you have used here, it's kinda different. Plus I don't think I have wever seen you do plants before, *hi-five* I wonder, was it the the hardest part?? Cause it sure looks like it. I mean the greens, great job! The story is great too! You have to giv me a list of these elf stories!! Mad water too!! Arghhh. Nice glow! Well overall, an ammmmmazing job!! Chat later!!

Me!!!! (cally, lol.)
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leaving soon!!
11/01/07 3:06 PM GMT
This is stunning, and I love Terry Brooks besides! Definitely faved.
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11/20/07 8:34 PM GMT
Good Lord, Fae. You're getting better so fast it's scary. This is beautiful - a digital Maxfield Parrish. The soft focus of this image really supports your premise and the soft colors and stylized methods really create a mood and tell a story.
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ж Regmar ж
11/24/07 9:13 PM GMT

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12/09/07 11:18 PM GMT
once again you have created a magnificent work of art! keep it up fae!!!
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12/18/07 7:39 AM GMT
OH! wow, havent thought of this book in forever! wow, that bring back memories. nice pic, i love it
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12/31/07 7:55 AM GMT
lol I love how it's an amazing illustration and you are just like....whateva I messed up whatever haha, I think you did an awesome job.
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01/02/08 2:32 PM GMT
Haha, yeah well, you always get one really annoying person criticising every tiny, little detail in your painting (lol, I can't be doing with it y'know....whatever, deal with it :P)
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03/22/08 4:21 AM GMT
I think this is a beautiful work. The softness is so... eye catching and fluent...
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07/24/08 1:26 AM GMT
when i look this pic it's make me feel like inside
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09/19/08 11:14 PM GMT
this is my favorite of yours. it's so... glowy
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01/18/09 12:28 AM GMT
I know I've commented on this before,over a year ago actually, but I still love this picture, and it reminds me I need to reread this series, get back to my roots, ya know? Ah, the good ol' days.
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04/19/09 8:07 PM GMT
Great job!!
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08/31/10 1:25 PM GMT

Absolutely stunning marvellous art work Hannah! I love the magical world and fell in love with your work! Super Congratulations!
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Susie Sun
03/10/11 4:51 AM GMT
absolutely beautiful....
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