City Hall  

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Uploaded: 05/08/13 9:28 AM GMT
City Hall
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This is the Hamburg City Hall. I have posted photos of this building before but this photo was taken yesterday. I cannot clone out the car and the bus and the partitions on the ground where repair work is going on.


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05/08/13 10:13 AM GMT
Raj, there was no need to do all of that cloning, this offers a very good city street capture, and that building is a structural wonder. I like how you have the shadowed area and then the building itself is lit up with sunlight. =^..^=tigs
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05/08/13 2:47 PM GMT
I know what you mean, Raj, although Tigs makes a valid point. We have nothing as glorious as this structure around here. However, when I try to take a shot of any building downtown, I have to contend with buses driving in front of me, pedestrians, street signs and parking meters. This is a well shot photo of some beautiful architecture. I gather that what you're after is some purity that shows the building in its original state without those newfangled cars and other modern conveniences. You might consider shooting from a hot air balloon just after sunrise before the traffic gets too heavy and the pedestrians are at a minimum.

By the way, you probably could clone out the vehicles and all of the present day periphery. It might take you a year or two and would look pretty dumb. You might consider using a wider angle lens and taking ten steps to the right. I'm sure the traffic would stop.
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05/08/13 3:41 PM GMT
Great city shot , Raj . Love the architecture and the colors.
Far as the cloning .... I agree no need to be concerned .
This is the reality of the scene you saw and it gives the image more charm as far as I am concerned
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05/09/13 5:43 AM GMT
An amazing building and I agree with all of the friends above, I think this looks great with real life going on all around. A wonderful shot Raj!
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05/09/13 9:42 AM GMT
Very impressive, the perspective and the colors are so nice. Outstanding work, Raj.
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05/09/13 10:12 AM GMT
What a wonderful building with unusual green roof. Very pretty capture.
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05/09/13 2:53 PM GMT
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05/10/13 10:52 PM GMT
Excellent work and really like that gorgeous building
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05/23/13 3:53 PM GMT
Got a suggestion, some creative (editing/post processing) food for thought for you, Raj..

"Targeted Local Contrast Enhancement"

(/\ Other links on this note, found at the bottom of the article/tutorial as well. The Luminous Landscape - "Understanding Local Contrast Enhancement" and Cambridge in Colour Tutorials - "Using Local Contrast Enhancement".)

Fine shot.

Composition is good good. (Maybe a slight shift in camera position/elevation/perspective to capture all of the spire ... if possible).

Great and natural looking colour. (I think you boosted the saturation some.. and quite visually effectively, too, I might add.)

Caught my eye in and amongst the new images and drew me in for a closer look.

Thanks for sharing this one with us.

p.s. Cars, barriers.. distractions?

Not really, to my eyes/mind. Think my brain accepts the hustle and bustle without question. Expected, in short.
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