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Uploaded: 06/24/14 2:16 PM GMT
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A raccoon coming out of hiding. My entry for the B/W challenge.


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06/24/14 2:18 PM GMT
You really caught this wee fella mate!...

Good one for the challenge!
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06/24/14 2:54 PM GMT
Great shot Raj of the racoon,Good luck in the B/W Challenge.
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06/24/14 2:55 PM GMT
Very well done Raj, A nice b/w for challenge.
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06/24/14 3:28 PM GMT
I know they can be a pest but he looks so cute in that log Raj - an excellent entry.
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06/24/14 3:41 PM GMT
The B/W treatment is perfect on this raccoon Raj. Nice work.
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06/24/14 4:19 PM GMT
You fitted a round peg in a square hole..Looks good..R.
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Push the Button,Everything else is an afterthought....R.
06/24/14 4:56 PM GMT
A very good B&W image and a ditto entry for the challenge Raj.
Either you were exactly in time or this 'rascal' was willing to pose for you after you had given it some treats, lol.

Regards, Cornelius.
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06/24/14 6:23 PM GMT
Wonderful capture and will do super in the B/W, they has such cute faces.
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06/24/14 9:08 PM GMT
Lovely lovely entry!
I wish we had them here...
Of course we have our European or Asiatic relatives of raccoon, but this is not the same. Local ones are not that nosy and inquisitive about them garbage places!:)
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
06/24/14 9:48 PM GMT
What an adorable little a square hole! Very sharp image as you can see the striations of the saw on the wood! Great entry.
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06/24/14 11:56 PM GMT
Hey this is a real good un Raj, best of luck in the competition.
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06/25/14 1:16 AM GMT
This is perfect in B&W and for the challenge!!! Good luck Raj!!!
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06/25/14 4:27 AM GMT
Great b/w for the challenge, Raj, and what a cute shot too.
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06/25/14 5:12 AM GMT
He/she is adorable, and I'm with the others Raj, very good challenge entry. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
06/25/14 8:09 AM GMT
Very beautiful shot, Raj! Well done.
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06/26/14 3:22 AM GMT
Nice entry for sure!!
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07/31/14 11:44 AM GMT
Chosen in the BWC - so you are next in line to make a selection Raj.
I am sure 'Coon' thinks he is a winner :)
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