Mikhail Ulyanov  

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Uploaded: 04/21/15 3:56 PM GMT
Mikhail Ulyanov
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The Russian tanker "Mikhail Ulyanov" in the floating drydock at the port of Hamburg. Apparently they don't care whether you can read Cyrillic script or not. This is my entry for the B/W challenge.


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04/21/15 4:07 PM GMT
I've been in a couple of drydocks, many years ago when in the Navy. It's an interesting process and a rather lengthy port call, as I remember. Good one for the challenge, Raj.
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04/21/15 4:36 PM GMT
IMO: 9333670.

Currently in the port of Murmansk, probably sailing in the Barents sea now. Her last postion can be seen by checking-out this link (if her Automatic Identification System is not switched off. This has been done several times in the past to avoid 'Greenpeace' activities).

Some data:
Callsign: UBAL3
Country: Russia
Type: Shuttle Tanker
Gross Tonnage: 49.866
Length: 258m
Width: 34m
Built in: 2009

Excellent entry for the B&W challenge Raj!
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04/21/15 4:44 PM GMT
Good one for the contest..Nice picture..R.
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04/21/15 5:04 PM GMT
She's a beautiful ship Raj - nice photo. It always amazes me how many cranes are on the deck of these ships. I'd love a tour.
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04/21/15 5:18 PM GMT
Always interesting marine pictures from you and SEA Raj and this is no exception - I checked out SEA's link as well. I had no idea all this info was out there - I've learned a lot form both of you.
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04/21/15 6:45 PM GMT
Nice conversion, and it should do well in the challenge. Good job!
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04/21/15 7:05 PM GMT
I can't make heads nor tails of the words...It might say Hello in Russian for all I know. LOL. Great looking shot, Raj. It's a dandy for the black and white challenge.
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04/21/15 8:40 PM GMT
A very nice shot for b/w challenge, Well captured Raj.
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04/21/15 9:06 PM GMT
I like how you have filled the screen with this vessel, emphasizing her size. Very impressive Raj and a very welcome addition to the BWC, thank you.
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04/21/15 9:17 PM GMT
Excellent shot Raj very well captured.good luck in the B/W Challenge.
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04/21/15 9:18 PM GMT
Raj - A screen full of maritime technology. Well done.
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04/22/15 1:18 AM GMT
Whoa, Brilliant B/W, that's one huge tanker, excellent detail and clarity. Will be a real winner in the challenge
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04/22/15 2:56 AM GMT
I never would have imagined a photo of a tanker could be so interesting.... excellent piece of work.
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04/22/15 1:07 PM GMT
Good shot. I always amazes me how most Russian's can make things last way beyond their lifespan. I know it's necessity living behind the iron curtain and not having access to equipment, etc.
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