Arrest me • revised •  

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Uploaded: 02/14/05 12:44 AM GMT
Arrest me • revised •
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This is a rework of my original posting "Arrest me". Thanks to "nmsmith" and "fotobob" for some thoughtful feedback. One of the great beauty's of this site is the willingness of those with greater talents to bring along those who are willing to listen. I listened and am pleased with what I have learned. Thanks Nathan and Bob, your feedback is always appreciated.


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02/14/05 2:35 PM GMT
Very nice rework. What was done?
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02/14/05 3:00 PM GMT
• shovelled off all the grey snow, replaced it with white.
• changed the matte (border) to a darker grey to better match the picture.
• changed the matte properties to bring out the background image a bit more.

• Adjust Color Levels (re grey snow)
• Matte changes - change of color and adjustments to highlight/shadows.

Thanks for asking!
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02/14/05 3:54 PM GMT
I think this looks better than the last post, particularly the darker value of the border. Good work!
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02/14/05 4:01 PM GMT
Aww Shuks Rob, it was nothing. Thanks for your comments.
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02/14/05 4:57 PM GMT
You can even see an amazing difference side by side in your gallery Rob. Big kudos to you for taking suggestions gracefully and working with them. This is much better. Colors are gorgeous. Framing is terrific.
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02/15/05 5:09 AM GMT
good changes, however i'd still make sure i sharpen the picture more (probably with unsharp mask). it is necessary with all pictures for monitor display, no matter how good the picture, and i'd also turn down the white in the boarder, so you can see more detail, just very subtly, rather then some glaring white bits.

thought about cloning out the tracks in the snow behind the table, or darkening the sky abit? those are 2 other things i might look into
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02/17/05 3:44 PM GMT
Lovely view! I must visit Canada some time. By the way, I must have been hard work shovelling off all that grey snow and then replace it with white..
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02/19/05 4:53 PM GMT
Jens, concerning the grey snow .. it was pretty easy actually .. just a bit of vinegar and a quick wipe with a soft cloth on my monitor and it was all nice and white! Problem is my screen smells like a french fry but .. what the heck.

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03/02/05 2:14 AM GMT
Nice work excellent. Lovely border makes the inner...very special and great.
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09/19/07 8:57 PM GMT
A beautiful image!
Wonderful colours, crispness and detail..and that reflection is great.
Very nice capture.
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02/18/09 5:29 PM GMT
Oh My goodness what a lovely scene you captured!! Love the frame work!!
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