zebra barcode  

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Uploaded: 12/25/08 4:09 PM GMT
zebra barcode
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there is no price on nature.....however,T-shirts available on for every shirt sold $2 will be donated to WWF.(world wildlife foundation)


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12/25/08 6:35 PM GMT
This is so clever!! Wonderful to find this on Christmas morning Sassan:):) Thanks for a creative and unique presentation!! Delightful to boot!! Bruce B.
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12/25/08 11:29 PM GMT
Very clever. Well done.
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A friend of Bill's
12/25/08 11:38 PM GMT
Your choice of monochrome is most appropriate for this shot-lol. I wonder if the football referees are feeling left out. Another possible title for this might be "camouflage".
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some pictures say a thousand words... others speak silently to the soul
12/26/08 4:47 PM GMT
Again...YESSSSSSS! I absolutely love your work...Man these noobs (young artists and designers)...sure DON'T appreciate us older creators! Maybe the future will change that...VERY original...VERY excellent! Into Le Favs for sure!

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12/26/08 5:29 PM GMT
a well thought out design and job....well done:)
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12/26/08 11:01 PM GMT
you could make a fortune selling that in stock websites!
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im sorry if i dont reply to your kind words as quickly as hoped, im in the middle of a degree, but ill get there, honest.
12/29/08 11:43 PM GMT
Totally cool thought & design!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
02/15/09 6:49 PM GMT
Great Image Sassan! Cool idea! Thanks!
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02/23/09 7:34 PM GMT
Hah! Your comments are terrible, why would we want to buy this? Nice idea but it seems a bit cheaply done. I do like it though it is kinda funny. Can we have an explantation of where the idea came from?
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08/20/09 1:44 PM GMT
Very good illustration!
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05/22/10 10:30 AM GMT
Another very magnificent design! Great ideas. Verena
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08/08/10 11:38 PM GMT
whenever i see things like this, i think "gee, i wish i had come up with that!"

very clever.
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08/29/10 11:17 AM GMT
What a great idea!
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05/07/11 2:58 AM GMT
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02/10/12 8:44 PM GMT
I hate to be repetitive but what a clever idea indeed...just great and so well done...faved.
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