Resizing tutorial  

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Uploaded: 03/10/06 2:14 AM GMT
Resizing tutorial
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1. Open the file you want to resize. The one I have used here is 3008 x 2000.
2. Open a "New" file and make it the size you want the final image to be. Here I want my final size to be 1600x1200.
3 & 4. Zoom out a bit and resize your windows so you can easily view and work with them both at the same time.
5. CLICK & HOLD the mouse pointer on the photo; DRAG it over into the other empty window.
6. We now have the 3008x2000 photo in the 1600x1200 frame. You can close the original file as we no longer need it.
7. Access the "EDIT->TRANSFORM->SCALE" command. You can now scale the photo to fit in the 1600x1200 frame the way you want it to. Just fiddle around until you get a result you want (if you want to make the photo smaller than the frame, just make the background layer black and it will act as a border).
8. When you're happy with the result, SAVE the file in JPG format.

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03/10/06 4:05 AM GMT
Hey Sam, this is a great idea, but I had problems reading it and could only follow it because I'm familiar with Photoshop. I think you can reduce it to 4 steps which could be shown larger by eliminating images 1, 3 & 4, and combining 6 & 7 into one screenshot.

This should be very useful for people new to resizing/cropping images, thanks for taking the time to do it 8)
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03/10/06 4:43 AM GMT
Very well done.. Very easy to understand.. i have put this link to the sizing discussion but that will probably be too hard comprehend too... well you know what im refering to.. lol
Thanks Sam very good tutorial
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03/10/06 5:22 AM GMT
Nice going Sam, this is clear, concise & easy to understand. I sincerely hope this will be a great help to people in the future.
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03/10/06 5:23 AM GMT
SAMATAR.....i just found this and i thank you very much for you no doubt know by now, i have been in some trouble on the site this evening-it was unnecessary, as i was looking for help and made the mistake of standing up fror myself against another member whom others apparently adore.....well, i am going to read this tutorial anyway, save it and hope it will help..i have tried, to great frustration, to do my best re-sizing and could not at times...........I have not meant to offend anyone; when I began to be attacked, i wrote what anyone would under the circumstances-save possibly, Mother Theresa. AGAIN, thank you for this..........wish I had known about it much earlier...Andre
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03/13/06 8:39 AM GMT
EXcellent job on this my friend!! Saved it forever ..hehe...V
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