Merry Christmas '06  

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Uploaded: 11/15/06 2:37 AM GMT
Merry Christmas '06
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Something festive.

More images and prints available in my Deviant art and Redbubble galleries.


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11/15/06 4:00 AM GMT
Funky, fun & festive ! Just my type of image ! Nicely done Sam I Am !
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11/15/06 4:15 AM GMT
Nice one Sam... love the colours and design, would make a great Chrismas card.. Christmas is not far off now...
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11/15/06 5:46 AM GMT
Highlights in all the right places. Great color scheme.
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11/15/06 9:05 AM GMT
Thanks Sam... I'll print it and hang it on the pine ;-)
Nicely done!
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11/15/06 9:44 AM GMT
It's a Sam sort of christmas this year.

May the buyers be plenty,
the seafood be fresh,
with drinks complimentary
and Samuel leglessh
Happy times.
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Never give up. “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” John Quincy Adams
11/15/06 11:05 AM GMT
Very nice!
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Ephesians 2:8-10
11/15/06 3:10 PM GMT
Elegant!!!!!! Love it!
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11/15/06 3:56 PM GMT
Will make a great desktop.
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11/15/06 10:10 PM GMT
I love the jewls!
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I am the knight in the shadows.....
11/16/06 4:48 AM GMT
A festive paper - for this time of year, thanks for sharing, well done.
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11/19/06 4:44 PM GMT
Well jingle my bells, this is fantastic!!
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Picture Purrrfect . Why does the picture come out square when the lens is round??? 8~O
11/27/06 4:21 AM GMT
There is just enough room for a photo with your permission.(Write me Sam)Lovely Work!
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
11/27/06 3:35 PM GMT
Great Christmas desktop, Sam! Well done! Thanks! Wen
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12/02/06 7:11 PM GMT
I'm using this as my Christmas desktop wallpaper at work. It looks great on a black 17" ViewSonic CRT :)
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12/07/06 10:13 PM GMT
Merry Xmas to you too, and thanks for the great christmas desktop.
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12/12/06 9:08 PM GMT
I really like the not-quite-traditional colors you have going on here. Very nicely done… although… I do have to mention… due to the shadowing on your xmas tree edges I thought they were upside down. Or did you go in for one of those new upside-down trees this year? lol.
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One man sees things and says "why?" - but I dream things that never were and I say "why not?"
12/21/06 7:29 AM GMT
Hi Sam! I am way behind, but slowly working my way forward :)
I love these orbs of color that you have created and made such a festive image for us to use on our desktops! I have already put it on mine! The simplicity of it is quite attractive to me as well as the placement of the words and the ornaments. Quite tasteful and classy Mr. Samm-o. Thanks for sharing this with me and may you & Jeremy have a very very *****MERRY CHRISTMAS**** and may all the blessings of
!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 be yours!!!!!!!!!!!!
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11/09/07 12:27 AM GMT
lovely. are you going to make one for 2007? if so i would love to know if you do!
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