Golden Sunset  

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Uploaded: 02/09/09 2:40 AM GMT
Golden Sunset
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I was at Greenfield Park with Uncle Rich today and we both took a picture of the sunset. You can find his here. I think mine is better. I think he thinks so to, but won't admit it. Tell me if you like it.


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02/09/09 2:49 AM GMT
Hi Mark ! I love the golden sunset illuminating the deep, rich shadows of the pond. It gives it a very serene feeling, very restful. A very nice shot hon !
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02/09/09 4:30 AM GMT
Looks like you are a little faster than Uncle Rich Mark. I don't think he would want to face you in a quick draw contest. It is amazing how the setting sun provides so many different looks in the blink of an eye or shutter. Yours is very clear and the sun creates such a nice reflection.

Don't tell him, but I like yours better. Good work.

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02/09/09 5:47 AM GMT
I love the gold of the sunlight combined with the blue of ice and sky, and the reflection makes this a beautiful image.. Good one, Mark!
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02/13/09 3:17 AM GMT
I do like this a bit more than the other. It has that contrast cold/warm look of winter sunsets.
I notice however, that although you lost the jet trail (in the light) you did keep in the light post!!
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