Grand Old Barn  

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Uploaded: 03/12/17 12:46 AM GMT
Grand Old Barn
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Guess I don't know about it being grand, but it is old. Did a kind of sepia overlay on it from SmartPhoto Editor.


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03/12/17 12:58 AM GMT
Carol, SPE is a good program that has lots of options. I really like your choice for the presentation of this one. It really has a wonderful rustic appeal. Good composition, and for me i have nothing but kudos on the job you did here, very nice. tigs=^..^=
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03/12/17 1:15 AM GMT
I'm not sure what SmartPhoto Editor is, but this shot shows your development as a photographer. We were Caedes friends when you first started posting, and your work has developed from snapshots to the work of an artist. I love shots of old barns and dilapidated buildings. The vignetting really highlights the building. I would expect to see something of this quality on a greeting card.

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03/12/17 1:25 AM GMT
Wow Carol, love the work and the old look of this outstanding post and capture - Bravo
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03/12/17 11:30 AM GMT
---Guess I don't know about it being grand, but it is old---

To me it's both grand and old, Carol.
Perfectly done, so S+F instantly. Thanks, my friend!

PS: This artwork would be a splendid entry for the Wednesday B&W challenge (BWC)!!
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03/12/17 12:02 AM GMT
Beautifully done work Carol.
As Conelius said - this would be very welcome in the BWC should you care to submit it.
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03/12/17 1:33 PM GMT
Whoa.. peeps be nailing their uploads/postings today.

Really nice, Carol.

Post processing, the base image, et al.. make for a very strong image. And on the note of the "et al" stuff.. the added texture does not overwhelm, it enhances.

Your composition, in and of itself.. is a strong element.

The colour palette, taking in your image as sum of it's constituent elements/parts.. is very pleasing and appropriate, to my mind and eyes.

There's really not much to 'constructively critique' here.

In short..

(*rereads what he has written thus far*)

.. erhm.. simply put?

Good good visual balance and weight within frame, with the barn coming to the forefront and not overshadowed by your post processing/editing. All works well.

+favs for me.. and.. a well done to you.

And.. but, of course.. thank you for sharing your creative efforts with us.

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03/12/17 2:36 PM GMT
I enjoy these and this one is excellent too.
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03/12/17 8:20 PM GMT
Great work on the barn Carol - I love old barns - this one has so much character - Excellent!!!:-):-):-)
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03/12/17 11:11 PM GMT looks like an old vintage card.
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03/13/17 3:31 PM GMT
Like a lot...(catching up getting there.)

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03/14/17 2:15 AM GMT
Carol - Great post-photo work to prevent this old barn with the dignity it deserves.
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