What should we get?  

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Uploaded: 07/07/24 8:23 PM GMT
What should we get?
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Guys at the cafe trying to figure out what they could get to eat. It took them a while. Thought this would make a good Monday photo.


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07/08/24 8:20 PM GMT
Carol, I enlarged your photograph in order to see if they could make a responsible choice, but I couldn't decipher the text. I hope they succeed, otherwise they will be fed food they may not like.
Once I've also chosen a dish with an imaginary name, so I asked the waiter what ingredients would be used to compose the dish. What arrived on my plate was nothing like that. It wasn't on a Monday, otherwise it would have become a Manic Monday (Mē) for me as well, 😁 !
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07/09/24 3:09 AM GMT
Get the omelet, it's great!!!

I like the newspaper proclaiming "Today's Feature."
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07/11/24 2:40 PM GMT
Now this is very ceative, and well done. ~ tigs=^..^=
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