Wave 2  

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Uploaded: 12/06/03 3:28 AM GMT
Wave 2
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At the Twelve Apostles, Gt. Ocean Road, Vic, Aus


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12/06/03 4:46 AM GMT
the difference in camera angle makes a big impact! this is really a fine shot. i really like all the texture that foam has, too! looks like a very windy day? nice work.
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12/06/03 10:40 AM GMT
Another great wave photo steb... Great shot!!
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12/06/03 1:20 PM GMT
Agree with Synikol & PuMa. Where were you located to take this photo?
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12/06/03 8:57 PM GMT
Great generic desktop wave shot. No distracting features - just the wave.
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12/06/03 9:01 PM GMT
It was a windy day with the wind blowing offshore. I was standing on to of a 70-100 metre cliff. Thanks for the comments.
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12/14/03 11:15 PM GMT
*sigh* makes me want to go back to the beach....right now, even if it is winter. Nice pic-Meg
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01/03/04 4:35 PM GMT
powerful impressive
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01/11/04 10:02 PM GMT
Awesome picture.
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01/20/04 6:29 AM GMT
makes me want to go back home...
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01/27/04 8:53 PM GMT
Very great photography.Beautiful!!!.
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carpe diem.
03/02/04 7:14 PM GMT
this picture makes me feel alive, its beautiful
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03/03/04 10:11 AM GMT
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04/05/04 6:25 AM GMT
perfectly serene, yet powerful... lovely color.
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04/14/04 2:50 AM GMT
very nice
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05/12/04 6:39 AM GMT
It is so beautiful. How I wish I could shot such big wave like this. Well done Steb.
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07/12/04 10:57 PM GMT
Can't quite put my finger on why, but I prefer #1 to this one.. It's still a beautiful pic of course, 9/10!
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08/29/04 3:24 PM GMT
This is an AWESOME image! Looks great on my Desktop..Well Done!
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11/26/04 11:59 PM GMT
Wonderful shot. Beautiful on the desktop, thanks for such a great image.
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03/02/05 11:16 PM GMT
wow, great capture...the colors are great, the water looks so clean! where i live we're suppossed to have reallly great beaches, but our water isnt this blue!!
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06/08/05 4:03 AM GMT
Love how the wind seems to be blowing the wave backwards. Its a very beautiful pick just love it! Great angle it seems like you are right there in the water...great zoom!!!
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07/11/05 12:21 AM GMT
Gorgeous's vibrant, crisp, and full of life!
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08/10/05 6:19 PM GMT
The others have said it all for me so I must resort to "excellent shot''...would love to be in the midst of it and feel it's cool, refreshing impact, but will settle for the pleasure on my desktop today.:Pat.
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12/13/05 12:56 AM GMT
What a beautiful capture. This is wonderful.
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03/13/06 6:51 PM GMT
A c-index of 76? Balderdash! Oh dear God in heaven, I thank Him for the wonderful detail in the foreground of this wave which He provided for your camera to capture. And boy, did you capture it. This is my favorite category of photography-waves!
And oh by the way, were you wearing your cape again?
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06/14/06 8:07 PM GMT
10/10... absolutely beautiful... brings a sense of peace... oooohhh you're work is so wonderful!
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08/09/06 7:20 PM GMT
excellent capture!
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10/17/07 9:54 AM GMT
Wonderful capture..lovely colour and the lighting and shadow is great.
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01/11/09 6:26 PM GMT
this makes me excited
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08/06/14 12:57 AM GMT
This is great Steb! Love the ocean waves!! Thank you! Allen
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