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Uploaded: 03/22/10 2:34 AM GMT
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Stixx (my grandson) took this photo when we were out on this photo shoot. I have been trying to get him to post it but he is busy with school, basketball, hunting and all the things a 11 year old does. I decided to post it for him. He used my Panasonic DMC-Z35. I think it is real good. How about you?



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03/22/10 2:39 AM GMT
WOW!! He is a pro already. This is really a great shot. So clear, colorful, well composed, and no trace of the scent of a bull. LOL. You are a good teacher. NICE WORK young fellow.
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03/22/10 2:39 AM GMT
You know I like it or I wouldn't have posted it for you. Congratulations on your first place in the basketball tournament this past weekend.

My bad, I used your avie.

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03/22/10 2:42 AM GMT
You know this is getting confusing, who is who around here. LOL.
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03/22/10 2:45 AM GMT
I will use my own avie and echo my words from above. JimboB and I are both confused but we are old.

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Hopefully my photos and stories will let you know what makes me Tick
03/22/10 4:56 AM GMT
A wonderful close up. Love the texture, details and colors. I never wanted to be shorter until now! Nice work!
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03/22/10 6:11 AM GMT
Amazing detail on this longhorn cow ... by the looks of him or her I'd say it was a young one. Love those dark eyes. Wonderful capture Stixx & glad your Grandpa decided to post it for you. You are becoming a fine young photographer.
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"I Love Lab's!"
03/22/10 6:15 AM GMT
A most lovely photo of a gentle looking cow. Very pretty how your grandson got the fur looking so good. Verena
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She was so blonde she spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice box because it said "concentrate" !
03/22/10 4:36 PM GMT
-((*-::-*))- Fantastic Shot -(( *-::-*))-

Well Stixx congrats on taking this superb shot and congrats on winning your basketball tournament!! It's nice to have a grandpa who helps you out and it shows he is very proud of you:)) I can see you are becoming a very talented photographer....keep up the good work:))
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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
03/22/10 11:46 PM GMT
Tick, He did a wonderful job, It is well focused and so sharp and clear. ♪ ♫ :)Tigz♪ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
03/23/10 12:05 AM GMT
I think its a lot more than "good" its very good indeed. The clarity and focus is perfect, and considering the topic and how close he is to those horns the lack of camera shake says a lot about how brave he is!!
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03/23/10 2:04 AM GMT
Great close up shot! Nice composition and perfect focus kiddo! Thanks gramps for posting it for him.
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03/26/10 5:25 PM GMT
Wow, Stixx did a fabulous job on this close up. Tick you should be really very proud of his photography. Clarity, colours and composition are spot on, Bravo Stixx
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It has snowed some today and it's bloody cold, -20C wind chill.
10/25/11 6:11 PM GMT
This just as sharp as you can get. This calf is outstanding. The shot is crystal clear...Vanda
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