Yellow Moon  

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Uploaded: 01/11/06 7:53 AM GMT
Yellow Moon
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Shot back in the days of film. Canon At-1 w/500mm Tamron mirror. I was walking back from the beach in Goleta CA. after shooting some shoreline pics and I noticed the moon starting to come up through the trees.


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01/11/06 9:12 AM GMT
Oh I love "the days of film" I still use my good ol' Canon AE1...and I love this moon shot of yours..It went straight to my desktop! I will enjoy it there for quite a while. The silhouettes of the trees agains the blue of the nightsky is fantastic!! and then the moon peeking through, you just could NOT have gotten a more perfect photo! How fortunate you are for this wonderful work of art! Congrats....verena
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01/11/06 10:18 AM GMT
This a lovely image. This image gives a mix of beauty and spooky feeling side by side. Nice vibrant blue and mild yellow is nice and the clean black silhouettes too. Good work!
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01/11/06 3:25 PM GMT
Wonderful shot. Totally captivating.
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01/11/06 4:13 PM GMT
Makes a dramatic desktop. Thanks for sharing.
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01/11/06 4:49 PM GMT
I love work that is just natural and as is, not enhanced or magically transformed.
This is magic.....and you captured it.
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01/11/06 6:08 PM GMT
Beautiful photo. I love the deep blue and the contrast of the moon.
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01/11/06 6:19 PM GMT
Very cool shot!! Very dramatic!! Great job!!..=)
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01/11/06 10:39 PM GMT
Fabulous shot..
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One bead at a time
01/11/06 11:39 PM GMT
WoW,,very dramatic...looks almost staged...thanks for posting.
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01/13/06 3:05 AM GMT I have always tried to get moon photos! Kudos and great job
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Carpe Diem and take those photos!
01/13/06 2:58 PM GMT
Impressive work from you. The capture of the big yellow moon and the silhoutte of the trees with that blue sky works so well together. Exceptional!! A 10/10 from me.
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01/16/06 7:26 AM GMT
this image is incredible, i love it ! :-D
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01/21/06 5:47 AM GMT
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01/27/06 12:18 AM GMT
Awesome shot! I love the contrast between the navy sky and the golden yellow moon!
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01/29/06 6:17 PM GMT
I love this picture, so beautiful and so bright with the moon. The contrast is great and it's perfect for a desktop!
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02/08/06 1:44 PM GMT
Dark and striking image! I love the contrast between the moon and the sky! Also the silhouettes are awesome! Reminds me of a scene for an old horror film. Great job!
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03/01/06 5:45 PM GMT
that moon looks amazing!
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03/16/06 1:52 AM GMT
Nice shot - that sky color / time of day doesn't last too long! I thought I was the only one left w/a Canon AT-1! A couple of my shots here are from it.
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03/18/06 11:50 PM GMT
amazing sky color and the moon is so bright... excellent capture!
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03/20/06 6:18 AM GMT
Eerie and beautiful at the same time. Very nicely done! 10/10
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04/05/06 12:47 AM GMT
That's a really amazing shot, I'm glad you were able to capture it and share it with us.
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04/09/06 8:05 PM GMT
i love the colors in this picture. great job!
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06/08/06 11:22 AM GMT
What a lovely photograph. The cobalt blue sky sets of the moon beautifully. Great shot!! Cheers............................LPF
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I'm cumeng to turms wuth the raulezation my usarname is splet wrang. Plaise furgeve my teruble spallang.............LADY'PRARIE'FIRE Proud (well Lady'prairie'fire really) Sheesh........(LOL)
02/12/07 1:45 AM GMT
Breath taking picture! Its a perfect moon shot. This is a truly awesome picture.
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12/04/07 2:05 AM GMT
Stunning!! Faved :)
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11/18/08 2:55 AM GMT
You got a wonderful shot of the moon!
I always try to take pictures of the moon but they never turn out like this lol
great job :)
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01/11/09 1:39 AM GMT
10/10. great shot, fantastic
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08/31/10 4:27 AM GMT
Awesome photo! It reminds me of Halloween.
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10/07/10 5:48 PM GMT
That's a grand moon and a wonderful photo!
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