Texas has some big ones  

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Uploaded: 12/28/06 9:13 PM GMT
Texas has some big ones
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Amazing shot from the FM road nearby, There may be alot of sunset/sunrise pictures, but I may as well throw it out there. (Yes, BURNINGICE was my former self, used to be posted on the site)


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12/28/06 11:17 PM GMT
What an amazing capture Tyler. The golden colors are just so beautiful in this. Thank you so much for posting this.
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12/28/06 11:49 PM GMT
I've seen this one before, in fact, I liked it so much I still have it on my hard drive. Posted in 2004 by burning ice. Is this you come back again?
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12/29/06 12:36 AM GMT
Nice job Tyler, looks almost like a dust storm headin' your way.
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12/29/06 7:43 AM GMT
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
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12/30/06 8:18 AM GMT
wow...this is such a rich study in color. Very powerful.
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12/31/06 2:28 PM GMT
Wow what a fantastic shot, gorgeous colours thanks for sharing..

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01/04/07 4:50 PM GMT
what an amazing sky! And the horizon is marked by that fine "gold line of sky" I love it!
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01/29/07 6:49 PM GMT
Very nice shot, vibrant colors and all, reminiscent of the Serengeti almost.
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02/02/07 4:47 AM GMT
yup they do!
i remember stuffing newspapers around the doors and windows when a sandstorm would rise up-i was but a wee one then- and have swapped all that for the snow of illinois.
i'd rather have the "Texas Big Ones"!
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09/10/08 7:56 AM GMT
Fantastic shot Tyler. Beautiful colors and composition. Gorgeous work.
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