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This is I believe a 1954 Buick Roadmaster.


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03/02/23 2:38 AM GMT
That's another beauty. Wish they would come out with that color again. Awesome photo.
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03/02/23 10:17 AM GMT
---This is I believe a 1954 Buick Roadmaster---

Tom, I think the owner of this beautiful car agree with you because of his license plate, 😁 .
A wonderful and impressive car!
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03/02/23 3:20 PM GMT
I love it! It would be awesome to have a ride in that classic beauty! tigs=^..^=
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03/02/23 4:17 PM GMT
This photo is tremendous, I must say it is a visual joy to be able to see this magnificent car and appreciate the skill and vision they had during that time period. It is just pure class, thanks a lot for posting these amazing cars!
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03/02/23 6:00 PM GMT
I have to say this brought back memories. My mother had a 1954 Roadmaster in two tones of grey - she got it used in 1957 and drove it til' it caught fire with her and I in it in 1963. We were not hurt but the Buick was a goner!
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03/03/23 11:14 PM GMT
Love the Buick Roadmasters Tom and the signature waterfall grill - Great Capture!!!!!!!!!
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