Trees in Driving Snow  

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Uploaded: 01/21/07 2:15 AM GMT
Trees in Driving Snow
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A tree photo I took earlier in the evening, run through Photoshop filters for a 'driving snow' effect. I think I could do better, but this is my offering for now!


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01/23/07 8:39 PM GMT
Took a quick tour of your work posted so far ... "Woodsmoke" was the one that stood out for me, as I liked the look that you had achieved. Just an aside for now.

If you get the chance and delve into the use of brushes I think you will be most pleased with the results. Your image here is making use of the naturally occurring highlights and restricts you to just that.

Using a brush you could have extended and expanded on the snow aspect.

Must admit though, it is a lot of fun playing around in PS and I get the impression you are enjoying the experimentation. Good. Keep at it and more. The program is particularly powerful.

Even taking a simple brush and putting dabs of white and then using the motion blur filter would add to the effect you are creating here in this image. Just some thoughts.

It has more of a painterly feel and look to me as is and that's not a bad thing. Good luck, have fun and look forward to seeing more from you.
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01/23/07 11:20 PM GMT
This is a nice effect you have used and you did achieve what you wanted to. It's a lot like driving snow. Nice job!
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01/24/07 2:16 AM GMT
An intriguing look as it does create a certain mood.the look if wind blowing not snow, but ice for my eyes................well lit and the close-up is best choice
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