Misty Blossom Spider  

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Uploaded: 04/15/07 9:47 PM GMT
Misty Blossom Spider
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Tierazon fractals, layered and Photoshopped - and a Caedes spider, taking on the colours and design of his fractal environment. He probably eats fractal butterflies and fractal fruit flies.


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04/15/07 10:59 PM GMT
Beautifullllll!!! Colors are gorgeous! Gives me incentive to feed this guy. Off to search for the fractal butterfliesssss

JJ :D~
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"I had alphabet soup for dinner last night and I just can't stop bringing them back up again" ..... Just leave me alone and let me be myself
04/16/07 2:25 AM GMT
A gorgeous array of color and fabulous design of everyone's favorite logo...great work.
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Due to the recent slow down of the site, my comments and thank you's have been few as it was very time-consuming...will catch up ASAP...meanwhile, a group thank you to all and keep up the great work everyone.
04/16/07 1:09 PM GMT
Wonderful work..Beautiful colors,Superb design..
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04/18/07 6:50 PM GMT
oh WOW!
totally awesome and faved!
(and thats a lot coming from an arachnophobe!)
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...of all the things i've lost... i miss my mind the LEAST!
04/25/07 12:49 AM GMT
Simply lovely. Wonderful colours, too.

- cfr
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07/15/08 7:48 PM GMT
I Love The Color
you defenitly have good taste in colors
Good Job i give it a 10
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