Shadow of Time  

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Uploaded: 07/20/08 4:51 PM GMT
Shadow of Time
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This one makes me think of the shadow of industry looming over the rural landscape.

Apophysis 2.06c (3D hack?) Two flames layered together and post-processed in Photoshop Elements. The script used for the clock-like flame was eTech Juliascope by Cabin Tom. It's included in his Total Script Package.

I posted a similar (but different) fractal wallpaper on Deviant Art: Magic of Time.


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07/20/08 5:13 PM GMT
Great Work , A Really Amazing Capture of Natural Shades.......... Such a Beautiful, Serene, Tranquil, Effect
Composition..Excellent.. The Testure, Shading is Really Very Effective
Creativity..Great Shot..Would have been overlookied by most.
Colour & Contrast..Splendid...The Different Shades, Conrasting and Blending Simulatoeously.
Overall...Excellent. Really Pleasurable to the Viewers Eye
Excellent Work
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07/20/08 6:38 PM GMT
Very Original and Unique.
Thanks !

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07/20/08 7:56 PM GMT
Faved because it is so unusual.
Very cool, great work :)
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"Everyone has a photographic memory...some just don't have film." ~~My DA Gallery~~
07/21/08 2:09 AM GMT
WOW! As accustomed though I am to beautiful work from you, Toodles, this one really knocks me back. Fantastic composition, mood, detail, and color work here -- just fantastic! Feeds my chonrographic fetish, too.

"Magic of Time" is another WOW, no less. I'm thrilled to have more of your work to explore over at DA. :::pitter patter of big feet running down hall to new-found gallery:::
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A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know. Diane Arbus
07/21/08 6:39 AM GMT
What an awesome creation!! The colours are so soft and yet so very eye catching. I love the title, would love to write a poem by that name. There is so much life in this. Very nice..Verena
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The race is not always to the swift--but to those who keep on running.
07/21/08 6:49 AM GMT
Faved, amazing :-)
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07/21/08 9:07 AM GMT
Simply excellent work!!!!
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07/21/08 3:08 PM GMT
wow love the colours :)
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07/24/08 2:43 PM GMT
I LOVE this! The softness, the colors, the title itself. Excellent!
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