Moths to the Moon  

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Uploaded: 07/20/10 8:53 PM GMT
Moths to the Moon
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This is my first wallpaper made using Sterling2 -- a fractal program I only discovered recently thanks to Mythmaker! I'm annoyed with myself for not noticing it before, especially as there are other wonderful Sterling wallpapers on the site, and I know I've seen some of them before. Perhaps I thought they were created with Tierazon.

Sterling2 is free, but should come with a health warning -- it's highly addictive!

I post-processed it in Photoshop Elements 8.0 to change the colours slightly and to bring out detail... also added the lights and made a moon. I had to be firm with myself, as I was tempted to post the fractal as it was, but I knew with a little work I could make more of a picture out of it. I'm sadly lazy these days. :-(


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07/20/10 8:56 PM GMT
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07/20/10 9:09 PM GMT
Magical fantasy work here. It's just plain beautiful. :)
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07/20/10 10:24 PM GMT
Fantastic creation and wonderful design work. Beautiful colours.
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07/22/10 5:27 PM GMT
I'm glad you took your time with this piece because the results are startling and engrossing!!! A beautiful piece for sure!!!! WOW!!
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07/23/10 1:52 AM GMT
Awesome flame and post work, Tootles! I absolutely love everything about this!! The variety of colours, cute little "moths", and that moon! And, the lights really add to the total magical experience =D Truly beautiful composition! Faved + saved to enjoy longer.

OK, so I have downloaded Sterling2... but, not coming up with anything promising...just yet. I will give it a few more goes though :)
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