Cosmetic II  

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Uploaded: 09/02/17 7:47 PM GMT
Cosmetic II
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Rework of the cosmos flowers I posted yesterday.

Cornelius's wise words encouraged me to try again, this time editing the Raw.

I don't in the least know what I'm doing, and was blundering around software I'm not used to (Canon's Digital Photo Professional -- I don't like it!) I still preferred the original white balance (which I apparently had on 'cloudy'). That said, I changed the Raw to 'flash' WB, which looked similar but slightly brighter.

The colours look more natural in this, but I know what I did wrong yesterday, and it had nothing to do with the white balance... it was another thing I did.

I think it looks better anyway. Everyone agree?

Canon 350D, Canon zoom lens EF-S 55-250 IS.


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09/02/17 8:15 PM GMT
---I think it looks better anyway. Everyone agree?---

Positively YES, Sandra! Thanks for the done effort in order to achieve the optimal result!
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09/02/17 11:57 PM GMT
Ima go with the descriptor.. or, descriptors.. that this version looks more natural.

The 'pinks' in the original are a bit more in your face, which, was not a bad thing.

Adding in.. this version is warmer. So, perhaps, you do know what you are doing now.

I do have a suggestion for you, though, have you loaded your camera's profile in Photoshop?

Might worth checking into, if you have not. And particularly for your camera's model and make if it doesn't show up in the list.. pretty sure that there is a profile that you can grab, if this is the case.

That said..

Another +fav for me.

Composition is strong. Lovely bokeh.. ticks the boxes, this one does.


But, of course.. thank you for sharing these two with us.
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09/03/17 10:19 AM GMT
Thanks to both for the feedback -- much appreciated.

On the note of me knowing what I'm doing... ah ha ha ha!

I didn't realize till later that I could have used Photoshop to open this Raw file instead of puzzling around in Canon's DPP. The reason I didn't is that I can't open Canon 6D Raw files in CS5 because... it's not supported. On the other hand, as this photo was by the 350D, it would have opened in CS5 as usual.

I wish I knew what I was doing all of the time, but it seems I don't.... still, I got there in the end.
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09/03/17 7:30 PM GMT
You absolutely got it right this time Sandra and it's a fine image indeed - love those flowers, the color and the composition - Great Capture!!!!! p.s. thanks for commenting on Voracious - the purple is actually Johnson's Blue Geranium.
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09/04/17 1:06 AM GMT
You took his advice, and got very nice results, yes this is better!
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
09/04/17 12:09 AM GMT
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09/04/17 2:25 PM GMT
I never realized I could do that. Presumably the DPP would convert to DNG just as well as the converter.
D'oh... told you I had no idea what I was doing. :-)

Thank you. That may have saved me a few headaches.
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09/04/17 3:00 PM GMT
I went through a similar situation some time back.. the DNG converter was a godsend.

Well, more or.. ahem.. 'les's.
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09/08/17 6:14 PM GMT
Marvelous results on the suggestions - job well done
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