Test Tubers  

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Uploaded: 10/29/18 8:28 PM GMT
Test Tubers
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One dark and stormy Halloween night, these test tubes escaped from a laboratory. Now they live and breed in the wild, and can be found in any semi-decent botanical encyclopedia -- under the heading Test Tubers.

[Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles].

They remember their ancient roots, and continue traditions such as sitting in straight rows. They also come out at Halloween to bubble around a jolly Bunsen burner, celebrating the day they found their freedom.

Applications used: Context Free Art and Photoshop Elements 2. I employed a clear layer style by Shelby Kate Schmitz to help form the glass.

The tubers moved to Deviant Art in 2009, but have now decided to adopt Caedes as a second home. The only change I made was to soften the signature line.


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10/30/18 12:25 AM GMT
Instantly faved! I love this one! tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
10/30/18 2:41 PM GMT
Haha, this is really cool. I actually used to have something like this that lit up for Halloween.
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Utopia is when hate is no longer necessary.
10/30/18 6:50 PM GMT
Reminds me of some junky candy they used to sell when I was a kid...some waxy tubular things with an overly sweet liquid inside...wonder what's growing inside these strange laboratory tubes...very cool and colorful render, Sandra.
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10/31/18 11:24 PM GMT
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11/12/18 8:47 AM GMT
This is so cool, love the really unique design and colours
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