I Met You Here  

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Uploaded: 11/17/05 5:06 AM GMT
I Met You Here
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Another perspective of the tree in "Sky and Fire"


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11/17/05 5:34 AM GMT
Beautiful light filtering through to illuminate the bark. I like this view...makes me feel small (I guess I really am) compared to it. I prefer this perspective as it shows more of the trees features other than foliage. Nice capture Rachel.
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11/17/05 5:42 AM GMT
very nice captured....I like the lighting!!!
my newone "AT"
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11/17/05 6:24 AM GMT
I've tried to do this myself before and never came up with a good one . I love this view...the silhouette tree limbs showing so clear under the coloures leaves. A great angle!! And it shows the colours off so much more...Nice posting.
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11/17/05 4:34 PM GMT
Ideal colour and light balance in a difficult situation. Excellent! - Dave
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11/18/05 12:25 AM GMT
Now this is pretty!!! The colors and the lighting are so perfect. Great shot! Vicky
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11/18/05 12:07 AM GMT
Great colours very well composed photo - great work!
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11/22/05 5:07 PM GMT
What a great picture. Great lighting and wonderful colors. Two thumbs up!!!
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11/23/05 10:09 PM GMT
Amazing!! I love it! ^_^ -Alex
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12/05/05 1:25 AM GMT
hahah, you took my advice on the other image before I even gave it :D. Anyway, this is much better, really love it. Great angle, awesome colours and clarity.
I love how the branches look so...tangley. haha. like vines or thorns or something. Great image!
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02/20/06 12:35 AM GMT
The branches do a good job of making the image not too bright. nice balance.
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02/14/07 9:21 PM GMT
Just came across this while " daydreaming " and immediately realized this is the angle I want to go for next fall! My fall pics are always filled with the colored foliage, whcih is nice to look at - but you have done a great job of adding interest by contrasting the dark branches and showing more branch than foliage! Thanks for the inspiration!
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12/03/08 5:00 AM GMT
original angle, and nice dark/light contrasts. Fall is wonderful.
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live and let live
12/03/08 5:03 AM GMT
Simply AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where is that tree Missouri Tennessee where ?
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