Alone at Sunset  

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Uploaded: 03/21/06 11:30 AM GMT
Alone at Sunset
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Another Vue creation....with two color variations that I will upload. Can't decide which I like best. Maybe you can help me. Thanks for looking!


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03/21/06 11:53 AM GMT
Wow....though I DO like BOTH of these submissions, I like THIS one best! The earth tones...I love this!
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03/21/06 12:22 AM GMT
Superb Wendy!! I'm not much into the 3D computer stuff so don't know maybe what I'm talkin' 'bout, but, this is truly inspiring!! I really don't know which I like better, both have so much feel and depth!! Very storybook feel overall!!
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03/21/06 2:06 PM GMT
I gotta agree with Hottrockin. Very well done
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03/21/06 4:37 PM GMT
I also like the earthy warm colors of this one and also how you kept it to just the one grave marker...of the two, I do like the darker one better...that's just me, but great work on both.:Pat.
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03/21/06 6:16 PM GMT
This one is nice, too. Good job.
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03/21/06 8:15 PM GMT're great w/this program :D I like the night version more though...great work still! :D
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03/21/06 8:19 PM GMT
I like this one the best. I think it might be the sky though I like the whole piece. They,re both great though.
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03/22/06 2:17 AM GMT
Very beautiful Wendy! I like the lighting this one the best too! Something about that sunlight!..=)
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03/22/06 1:59 PM GMT
Very nice Wendy ! Though I prefer the other, something about the violet seems to convey more mystery,....more a sense of the mystical to me.
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03/23/06 1:57 AM GMT
The gorgeous purple colors of the other image caught my eye 1st, but I do believe I like this one better. The range of subtle colors create more of a mood for me, which is thoughtful, but not spooky. Which is not to say that the other is spooky, it's merely more otherworldly, while this one makes me feel like I'm back in one of those moments that make you pause and consider how much more of a world there is out there than we normally live in. (I hope that made sense.)
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03/24/06 3:33 PM GMT
I like this one better because it is more colorful. However, they both are great pieces of work. Good work!!!
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03/26/06 10:05 PM GMT
I keep going back and forth between the two images! I love them both!! Can't decide! I do love the image though! It definately makes a point! Vic
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03/27/06 10:24 AM GMT
Hey, this really nice. I'm not sure what vue creations are, but apparently it works quite well for you. Nice work.....................................LPF
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04/02/06 5:56 AM GMT
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04/09/06 4:32 AM GMT
Oh, this is fun. You are so really GIFTED. There must be story attached to these pictures of yours...go on, write! And publish.
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03/12/07 5:13 AM GMT
Wow, this is awesome dear! Great job! I wish I was that talented.
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11/20/07 11:47 AM GMT
It's so profound. Makes me think of Grey's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard". Hard to get my mind wrapped around this image.
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12/21/07 1:03 AM GMT
This work is superb! Wow. I couldn't find the two color version, so I can't give you my suggestion. Great job on this though...
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