Pristine Water Kayaking  

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Uploaded: 09/15/11 10:41 PM GMT
Pristine Water Kayaking
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Can you smell the pure, fresh air?


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09/15/11 11:02 PM GMT
You better believe I can smell that fresh air and the cool water.
This is breath absolutly beautiful.
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Adult: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle.
09/15/11 11:23 PM GMT
I can certainly smell and feel the fresh air looking at this fine shot.
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"If I should leave this path of life today, I would carry the vision of Gods' rose blooms with me as I go......" -- Stan V. Griep
09/16/11 2:18 AM GMT
A very clear shot. Must be the fresh air.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
09/16/11 10:35 AM GMT
I sure can smell it! Nothing like it either. This is a beautiful shot. I love the action of the Kayaks, and the view of the pines. The water looks great too. Another excellent image.!
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09/16/11 1:40 PM GMT
Of course...Kayaks, not canoes. I've edited. Thanks Jim.

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