From the edge  

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Uploaded: 07/04/04 9:49 PM GMT
From the edge
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First sumbission, but by no means first creation. I did this one for my own desktop and decided to upload to say that I'd actually submitted something :) This one used Kai's Power Tools (Photoshop), a little Topography effect and some Gaussian Blur (0.75%) softening. There is not much to this one (2d) but I will be throwing a few more submissions in shortly, with some Bryce & Poser and some excessive use of Photoshop Plugins :)


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07/05/04 1:17 PM GMT
not sure what it is. But it would make a good desktop.
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07/05/04 2:58 PM GMT
for a first posting very impressive I hope there are many more to come the colours make up a very cool background
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- pixels are only the beginning unless you started at the end -
07/15/04 8:47 PM GMT
Nice one!! I DO like the colours....keep it up
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"The blue was high and serene and its dream began in the stillness that lies beyond the last thought". Neil Gunn
07/24/04 2:46 PM GMT
I like it very much. It's so pretty.
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07/26/04 5:05 AM GMT
Very pretty. This makes a good background!
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Amanda :)
06/30/06 5:49 AM GMT
I think the color work you did here is fantastic. It's very beautiful. I like the layered oceany appearance of it. What was your original image (the secret recipe doesn't have to be revealed) just out of curiousity? If you sofened it a few touches more you may come up with something as interesting, just a little different. Again I would be interested to see what that effect would do to it. Perhaps it would blend it a little more and give it an even more gradual appearance. These are just some thoughts. I like what you've done. Great idea, nice first post, Cheers..................Amaris
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01/17/08 10:47 PM GMT
Hope you come back with more! This is awesome.
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